Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sakit Tumit!

Tumit, sakit!

Dear beautiful readers,

My tumit was aching since last nite, I don't know why. Probably:

a) Aku silap pakai kasut?

b) Walking too fast? (always berangan that I am walking and chasing for train in the Underground?)

c) Signs of ageing?

In addition, lutut aku pun aku rasa cam terhantuk kat mana2 time tido. I have the tendency to sleep on the tiles sometimes (S, can you elaborate more?)

Lutut kiri

Lutut kanan

S said that if this getting worse, he's willing to bring me to the clinic. Oh, how sweet! ;-)

Anyway, originally I had set a plan with him to go out for a movie today but I had changed the plan due to my tumit. Pity him, I'm so sorry! But later that day one of my best buddies here, G managed to persuade me to go for the weekend outing (eating out in the mall! dengan tumit aku yang sakit!). So we went for dinner at Manhattan Fish Market and managed to grab few things from Parkson (gifts for those friends who are getting married during this coming school holidays!) And guess what, i bought two set of board games (to add to my collections!).
Partini (kena khatam dulu!) and Clue (new version of Cluedo)

Well well well, looks like me and the geng (G,E & T) spotted our colleagues (and they are not couples anyway, one is already married) and the lady is actually the colleague of E&T. Funny that i called her as Selma (Marge Simpson's sister --> ada sebab aku panggil dia "Selma"!)

I love going out with G,E & T. We have same wavelength, almost similar interests and definitely cool guys! I'll definitely miss them once I move back to KL, which is soon.

P/s: And I guess, I will miss S as well...;-(

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adie-ishmael said...

pernah sakit tumit dulu...doktor cakap masatu yang saya terlalu muda untuk sakit macam tumit...dia bagi ubat dan saya kurang makan makanan yang ada asid uric...paling utama tomato...