Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Dear Beautiful readers,

I don't have much time to write in full, just a few updates:

1) I am currently in the northern region of Peninsula Malaysia - O.U.T.S.T.A.T.I.O.N
2) At this point of time, I couldn't really close my eyes and doze off. Just came back from a farewell party for a friend who work here and she's going back to KL
3) My niece got 9As for her PMR. Alhamdulillah!
4) Leaving for KL tomorrow nite, and i guess I'll be countdown-ing at home.. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1!
5) Tough luck in "that" department...bosan tul!

Nanti i'll put some pics. Lama dah tak letak...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Awal Muharram

Dear beautiful readers,

I was arguing with a friend in regards to the "Awal Muharram" and Maal Hijrah.
I don't know why all of a sudden I am a bit "jahil" in this matter, yet I know that I actually know the definition and the meanings of these two. Probably due to my stupidity and ignorance...

Awal Muharram & Maal Hijrah is actually THE SAME!!

Bongok nya aku!

Let's say our prayers, shall we? Doa Awal Tahun & Doa Akhir Tahun.
MOga mendapat keberkatan dari Yang Maha Esa.


Friday, December 26, 2008


Dear beautiful readers,

I am bloody sorry. I know it's been a while that I wasn't "here".
Happenings here and there, and at the same time, I wasn't really keen to jot down things...probably due to the fact that it might bore you guys to death or it's still the lame, boring entries..

Anyway, I am currently at my hometown for the long weekends. Will be back in KL on Sunday and of for another outstation job on Monday until the New Year's Eve.

I'll come up with another "good entries".

Till then, Merry Xmas everyone.. have a santa-rific one!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Paris or London?

Dear Beautiful readers,

Lynn called me right after my meeting around 4ish. There must something that she wanted to tell me:

Lynn: I am going to Paris and London for Xmas!

Me: What? You mean KB = London, Paris = Dungun? (Initially she wanted to go to Dungun & KB during the long hols of Xmas and probably we're going to meet up)

Lynn: Pelik eh? Can't be trusted ahh? Hehehe...Too good to be true?

Me: is! Nak ikut!!

Lynn: Mum's going to use her Enrich or else it will be expired.

Me: Lucky u! Tak aci!

I'm not sure whether I'm going back to KB during this long Xmas weekend. Probably I will, sis will be coming back from Makkah soon.

Later after work, went out for shopping. Bought some clothing and did some jeans alteration.

What a nice retail therapy! ;-)

Ok to go. Nak goreng karipap for dinner!


Dear Beautiful readers,

Another fine day at work. Love it! Although we have been "reminded" by our boss that starting January onwards until March it'll be quiet a hectic period.

Yeah...we've expected and I'm sure we can do it! ;-)

News highlights - Bukit Antarabangsa landslide.
One of my good friends sort of "part of the tragedy", but not that bad as her house wasn't badly affected. It's more to the road heading towards her house.

But the good thing was, her husband's company had arranged everything for them, from accommodation to ration, to even a rented car! Lucky them..And it's not a calang2 accommodation anyway, in the heart of KL.

But luckily they are OK. and I pitied those who are currently traumatised with the event / badly affected.

Mum called me on the Saturday morning, asking whether my area has been affected as well. Don't worry mother, it's quite far from that area and she also asked whether my "future place" "will" be affected..scary eh? It's on the hill as well...hehe

It's kinda funny that there's still a number of housing development being carried / on going in that area. Haven't "they" i.e. developers learnt from the previous tragedy such as Highland Towers?

Whatever it is, let us pray that we'll always be safe under the guidance of the Al-Mighty, InsyaAllah.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Raya Haji, Hujan & Nasi Lemak

Dear Beautiful readers,

Last night, when I was doing some groceries shopping at Giant supermarket, I got text messages from Isk, another good friend of mine.

Isk: Mai beraya umah kami k?

I was touched. Ingatkan esok (i.e. Monday: Raya Haji), I'll be alone at home celebrating this Eid. I know..i know, it's not a big deal but then it's better than nothing.

Me: Thanks a lot. I kat Giant nih, buying some foodstuff. Nak buat nasik lemak. I masak umah you boleh?

Isk: Boleh, dialu2kan!

I left for their home almost 10ish. It's not that far anyway.

Raya Morning
We went to the nearby mosque, we almost "missed" the prayers. It was drizzling, but yet it didn't hinder the spirit of the community in that area to go and do their responsibility.

But the funny thing was...right after the prayer itself, there were a few group of people who walked out of the mosque. Erm...didn't they know that the "process" it's not yet completed until the khatib finishes his khutbah? Well...I thought they know, but well..

I'm not perfect either but it shows that some people are still in their ignorant mode, or couldn't care less maybe? Let's pray then!

But anyway, right after that, I went back to their home and we continued our cooking.

It's simple, but yet delicious - Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken, anchovies, sambal udang and of course, with the eggs and cucumber. ;-) NYUM2!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Dear Beautiful readers,

Aku dah lama carik lagu nih. Tak tahu what's so special about this song.
Probably I am the one who knows it..

Sepi hati terjadi lagi
Mungkin sampai mati aku sepi
Biar senyum hadir di hariku
namun ini hanya ada di bibir
di bibir saja

Aku ini yang bisa mengerti
walaupun yang lain mau mengerti
Namun berat beban hidup
kubiarkan saja
Biar saja hanya ku yang tahu

Sejarah cinta dan hidupku
penuh duri dan banyak ranjau
Butuh kesabaran yang penuh
untuk tetap ku berdiri

Oh.. ada saatnya ku bicara
bila hatiku telah bulat
Sepanjang ku bisa atasi semuaa
ku tetap diam

Woo.. sejarah cinta dan hidupku
penuh duri dan banyak ranjau
butuh kesabaran yang penuh
untuk tetap ku berdiri

Oh.. ada saatnya ku bicara
bila hatiku telah bulat
Sepanjang ku bisa atasi semua
aku tetap diam

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Riana & Raya Haji

Dear Beautiful readers,

Another nice weekend (i thought so!)

Went out quite early in the morning, left home around 8 to do some groceries shopping @ Carrefour Wangsa Maju. At the same time, I managed to pay "Riana" a visit whilst being at that area.

Sid asked me to join him with other "sibs" for a movie at KLCC. Unfortunately, I have already promised to go out with Kam. Accompanied Kam to Low Yat and guess what? Due to my "f***ed off" streamyx and also my new Celcom broadband (dah ada tanda2 "fu**** off), I grabbed the good offer from Izzi. far so good. Hopefully it'll be maintained ;-)

Later went out for dinner with Kam at Sari Ratu. It's Saturday anyway, so memang laa ramai kan?

Esok nak buat apa eh? Wait and see..

Raya Haji? Aku tak dapat balik....;-(
What to do...macam tak biasa raya sorang2 kan?

Kiranya, raya di perantauan gak laa.. My two colleagues will celebrate their eid-ul adha outside Malaysia.
One will be in Sydney for a week and another will be in NZ. Diaorg nih nak slaughter either kangaroo, koala, or sheep kut? Hehehe..have fun guys..

Ok then..time to go. Let's plan something for tomorrow!