Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cool Sunday

Dear Beautiful readers,

Another relaxing Sunday.
"Accidentally" went for a breakfast with Shid, Reen & G. Topic for the day - N & Sue's future wedding, which will be in my hometown. So I might have to arrange visit to my home, make other necessary arrangement etc etc. ;-)

Later after that, they were off to meet another friend to buy some stuff at the mall and I went off to get a hair cut. I am quite a regular at this salon and the shampoo girl kept asking me the same question, such as:

Shampoo girl: You ada pegi gym ke? Ada muscle nih.. (when she massaged my shoulder)
Me: Ada laa skit2, simple exercise. But not as "active" as before!
Shampoo girl: Ok laa, kalau tak exercise, u takkan ada this muscle, banyak different..(Chinese slang)
Me: *Senyum*

Well, that's a difference between your own honest opinion and also other people's opinion. Sometimes, people think this way and you might think the opposite. I appreciate both compliments and feedbacks (both negative / positive). It's good for my own wellbeing.

P/S: Should I start my new fitness regime this Monday?

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