Monday, August 18, 2008

Pavi - 2nd conquest!

Dear Beautiful readers,

As promised and planned yesterday, I went to Pavi again tonight ;-)

Had a dinner and later followed by coffee with ER. It's quite nice actually and definitely KL changed a lot!

But I proceed further, let me tell you what had actually happened last night.

"It was around 12 midnight and all of sudden I felt so damn hungry. I shouldn't eat anyway but I didn't know why I felt so hungry. Let's blame the spicy mee mamak that I had at Pavi Food Republic with Sid yesterday (should haven't eaten this, pity me!) But luckily, I have my meehoon that I bought earlier from COld Storage. Another sad moment eh?"

I text-ed G while waiting for ER at Pavi. Coincidentally, G was also in Pavi! So we went to shop a bit and guess what? A sum of money gone for this beautiful pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers ;-)

Anyway I think I saw Koi having coffee at Starbucks, but didn't have the guts to tegur him as he's with someone (actually i think I saw him earlier on my way to KLCC!) But well,he might not remember me anyway.

Had dinner with ER at Madam Kwan's and later we had coffee @ Coffee Bean. And he sent me back to the hotel.
Thanks a lot! ;-)

P/S: I guess Pavi will be my place when I move back to KL (ceh...berangan!)
No harm dreaming kan?

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