Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hello readers,

It's getting tougher and tougher, day by day at work. Sometimes, i feel so scared, but i managed to get through the day smoothly...

It's kinda love-hat relationship. With work i mean. Not with any tom, dick and harry (refer to my previous posting about "love department")

I keep praying and humbly begging from God to give me strengths to face all the challenges. I am supposed to be on leave tomorrow since my sister's coming to KL. Although it has been approved by my boss earlier, it seems like there are a number of stuff to be handled at work. But i managed to tell my boss that I have to be on leave but will always be ready should they need me at work. (but hope not!)

My anak buahs and sis will be coming tomorrow. Hope everything will be fine.

Have a nice day everybody.

Take care!

Monday, July 19, 2010

What a day!

hello readers,

It's Monday. I was a bit "reluctant" to go to work today. not because i am lazy. (i rarely laze around!) but probably i am kinda scared with the fact that i have to see my big boss but the work hasn't really fully completed yet due to some system problem.

But i just go with the flow.

Ended up she has cancelled the meeting to another date, to be confirmed some other time.
My direct boss kinda freaked out as well. But well...

Anyway, i did my best, and was trying my best to assist my hardworking staffs.

Accidentally met SAO at lunch time and we had lunch (and of course, with gossips! haha..i just listen!)

That's all folks!

P/S: Ya Allah, i humbly beg for your forgiveness and some strengths for me to face all the upcoming challenges! Amin.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

T&Co and Damansara

Hello readers!

Now i'm got very hooked-up with this blog again. Yes, as promised, I am trying my best to make it alive and kickin'.

Ok, let's go back to the story for today. I was about to attend a house warming makan2 session of my new boss' new place in Damansara. I left home for the place slight at 2 p.m., and i wondered why the traffic was kinda bad today (was there any big event). Being unfamiliar with the area (i am familiar, but not that familiar! Note: Damansara is not my "playground").

Cut it short, i made a wrong turning! Ended up driving along DUKE again and feels like going way back to home. Arghhh!

Well..i guess, it's the time. I decided not to turn back and just sent text message to my boss saying that I am sorry (was that easy? hmm..i wonder).

Ended up at KLCC again and it's almost 4. Haven't had my lunch (supposed to have lunch at my boss' place). But hold on...what should I do in KLCC?

Yes, i ended up at Tiffany & Co.

A friendly salesman, it's very rare indeed to find a very friendly and polite salesmen/girls in any boutique in KL, as compared to those stores in Western countries or even nearby neighbouring Asean countries (Singapore especially).

And the conversation with the guy sounded like this,

Me: Excuse me, i am looking for key ring
The salesman: Oh...ok (cue-ing me to follow him to another display), showing those lovely key pendants of Tiffany's trademark.
Me: not this one, the "key ring" (as in key chain..)
The salesman: Oh..ic

And we went to another display and he asked:

The salesman: is it for a guy? Birthday present? I think this one is not suitable to be given to a guy

hahahah! what a statement! What made he come up with such conclusion? did i look like i was looking for a special gift for my special someone? hehe

I just smiled.

Oh..what a day

P/S: Wish me luck tomorrow, I have a feeling that this coming week will be a very busy and hectic week!

It's a COMEBACK time!

Hello readers!

Yeah, it's me (again!). Sorry for the long silence. Sorry for being bloody lazy. Yeah..yeah, it's been quite a while, thanks to FB. So i paid less attention to my blog and left it all by itself, full of cobwebs and becomind duller (is there such word as duller?) haha..

Anyway, so far Alhamdulillah, things went quite well with me - moving to my new crib, stable career (yeah, there were still some issues and challenges, of course), loving family (mum and dad and siblings) but only one thing that I am still lacking of - love. I am suck at my love department, always...

So far it never be on my side (yeah, i did have some short fling, sort of...but it went too quick!) did i meet the wrong person? Was I not good enough for them? I don't know what to say, but the only thing for sure is, i have to improve myself and keep improving, insyaAllah!

I feel quite good of being able to jot some thoughts today, hopefully this blog will keep being alive and kickin'!

My beautiful readers, do keep reading ya? Have a good Sunday!