Monday, August 31, 2009

Le Bateleur, L'Imperatrice, L'Amoureux, La Roue De La Fortune, La Lune?

Dear Beautiful readers,

I was looking for this particular set of perfumes by D&G since few weeks back. The sets will actually be launched in Malaysia this coming Thursday (according to the friendly salesgirl..hehe). I managed to get first grab of them and extra goodies (kena terror mengayat salesgirl..hahah)
I bought 3 of them - Le Bateleur, L'Amoureux, La Lune
And few goodies, best! What a therapy!

Check out the ads : D&G Fragrances

Bukak Puasa kat Luar!

Dear Beautiful Readers,

It's the 10th day of Ramadhan, and today I had my iftar with ER @ Madam Kwan's, Pavi. Takde tempat lain kut, as we went to Tangs and Parkson to buy some stuff (another impulse buying or a necessity? Wait and see!)

Aku jarang bukak puasa kat luar actually, tapi kalau orang ajak, i'm fine with that (tapi tengok keadaan jugak laa). Enjoy the pics!


Dear Beautiful readers,

Another blogger friend, has associated AKOK (a famous Kelantanese kuih) with few words, love it! (Demo, kawe pinje kato2 demo deh?)

"akok to me symbolizes a true kelantanese. sweet, extra-ordinary, adventurous, in demand, likable by acquired taste."

P/S: Akok nih mace tue dio jah..Ermm, nak carik akok bunga gambar takdok laa!

Happy 52nd Malaysia! MERDEKA!

Dear Beautiful Readers,

It's the national day again. I was in KB when the clock struck 12 last night and was in the kopitiam with the boys.

Anyway, I have got nothing much to say (not saying that I am not that patriotic enough though!) cuma sometimes we ourselves have to think whether kita nih betul2 dah merdeka ke blum? (i am not saying about the country, but we ourselves...yes, WE!)

MERDEKA is a universal word, and i think it can be applied to all aspects of life.

Samada kita sedar atau tidak, tuh je..

I have reached KL this morning and lupa nak snap pics masa aku lalu kat Bangunan Parlimen tadi. A simple celebration, elok laa tuh bulan2 puasa nih..takyah nak membazir kan?

Sunday in Kelate

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Yeah..yeah, i know it's too late. Just want to summarise my activities on last Sunday (my last day in KB, *sob* *sob* heheh)

a) Did some chores, run some errands. Renewed my licence which costs RM 32, aku kasi RM 50 tapi abg kaunter kasik duit balik RM 8. Dia selamba je, mungkin dia aku remind balik:

Me: "Abe, takdi sayo bui RM 50"
Abe Pos: " Yo ko? Maah laa deh"
Me: "oh takpo...small matter!" (ehh...small matter tuh aku tambah je, heheh)

So that Abe Pos gave me the extra RM 10.

b) Petang rehat2 kat umah, but I fall asleep. Damn! Aku dah plan nak gi bazaar ramadhan nak snap2 few pics, tapi kalau dah lambat tuh..sah2 laa jam nak ke KB. So aku lupakan hasrat murni aku tuh :-(

c) Malam: Hang out time again with Mr "From My Eyes", W and A(another friend of them). Best!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Dear beautiful readers,

It's 0247 hours, and yet I couldn't sleep.
I wonder how does it feel if someone really like you and I can imagine how happy a particular someone if he/she being told that he's/she's being liked by a another party whom he or she falls into at the same time (tongue twister eh?)
Me? No laa...this is not about me. I am just giving some analogy on how it feels like...that's all.
I am neither a cupid nor a cupid's target (and I wonder when will that be, although i think I have been more as a cupid rather than a cupid target...)

P/S: Let's count the sheeps before sleep, or count the cupid? 1 sheep, 2 sheeps, 3 sheeps...1 cupid, 2 cupids, 3 cupids....

Saturday in Kelate

Dear Beautiful readers,

At this point of writing, I just came back from a nite out with Mr "From My Eyes" and his friend.
but let me start with what were my activities since this morning:

a) Pagi: Went out to Bazaar Buluh Kubu with mum and bro to get the songkets for G (and probably for myself). Ended up buying the high quality ones at the first shop and managed to find the one design (which is far more cheaper) that I was looking for in the 2nd shop. Kalau G taknak, aku kasi kat Abah je..

It was quite hot and you-know-what in KB as the traffic was bad especially on Saturday. We also went to the kedai that made the "murtabak tebal" kat Jalan Merbau. Siap beli terus all the kuihs from the dapur of the seller! ;-)

b) Noon: What a boring afternoon! I was a bit inactive as compared to other days, so i ended up having a short nap. All of sudden mum came to me and woke me up accidentally saying that they were accidents in front of our house. Aku pun cuak jugak aa...paham2 laa I was all of a sudden being woke up and sah2 laa aku mamai. Ye laa..kut2 sapa yang aku kenal accident ke apa kan? Nauzubillah himinzalik...

c) Bukak Puasa time: As I told mum that I feel like eating laksam (cravings? mengidam? ntah laa), instead of me going to Bazaar Ramadhan, mum personally prepared the laksam for me and abah. Mak aku memang pandai masak, so it shouldn't be a problem for her. Cuma dlm usia2 sebegini, she couldn't really cook, unless she wants too. Aku pun tak paksa, but mum is always a mum, so dia akan buat apa saja untuk anak dia.. (actually ada gambar laksam, tapi aku lupa nak bawak cable for the camera, nantila aku balik KL aku upload, neh!)

d) Night: Plan to meet Mr "From My Eyes". Ye laa..bila lagi kan? (Abah aku pelik sebab apa aku takgi terawih tonite...hehehe) We met at nearby kopitiam for a chat and later we drove to another part of the town to have 'colek' with another friend of him who also works in KL. Hmm...makan hati betul. Kenapa laa diaorg nih cantik2 / gorgeous? And I am not? Pelik bin ajaib. No wonder laa they are all laris like goreng pisang (my assumptions)...

I had a good time, and hope to meet them again.

Esok sehari lagi bukak puasa ngan family. I am sure i'll miss it when I go back to KL.

And yes, i'll be missing everyone here! Yes...i said E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Puasa di Kelate

Dear Beautiful readers,

Biasalah, bulan puasa with family I think memang best. Although kdg2 aku pening gak ngan anak buah aku, but what else can i do, budak2...biasa laa..aku pun dulu budak gak, tapi budak baik (baik ka? hehehe)

Anyway, at this point of time, I still couldn't sleep, baru lepas makan "colek", adik aku tapao kan for me. Before that, we went to check out some good deals at the famous Wakaf Che Yeh pasar malam and also a good bundle shop nearby our shop. Not bad though but i didn't buy any..besides that, it's raining..

Wakaf Che Yeh? Hmm...banyak eye candies, telan air liur je laa...;-)

Esok aku nak carik songket, an ex-colleague of mine kirim. maybe we can check out some good deals too. Aku dgr, jalan2 kat KB dah semua concept "one way street"...let's see how ya?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am here!

Dear Beautiful readers,

Abah and the "batallions" (i.e. bala tentera) datang ambik aku kat airport in the afternoon. Yes, i was kind of happy to see them again (lama sangat ke aku tak balik? last time i think it was some time around May)

And of course, it's time for the "Cadbury" moments (i.e. sharings and givings lah!) and I got my "new toy" aka Blackberry. Shall i give it a name...say "blackie" or something? hehehe..

But i m still not familiar with the gadget, biasa laa..benda baru kan? I couldn't really load the pics that i have snapped yet as I am using different laptop.

Well..I will be here until Monday morning. Banyak benda boleh buat kat kg nih! :-)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Balik Kampung!

Dear Beautiful readers,

I am leaving for my hometown tomorrow for a couple of days day-offs with family. Lama dah tak cuti actually, so i think it's better. Lagipun, it's Ramadhan, elok laa kalau bersama family. Besides that, my next trip to kampung will be the raya trip, which is in mid September.

Hope everything's fine..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wadi Unung

Dear Beautiful readers,
Another day at work. Meeting berjam2..but i couldn't complain much, it's part of the work anyway.

But bulan Ramadhan nih, aku plan balik rehat2 laa skit kan. And because of that, petang2 nih ada laa jugak layan2 TV while waiting for berbuka (ngaji2 pun ada..bukan tgk TV je tau! heheh).

I am quite fascinated with this new drama called Wadi Unung @ Astro Prima. Macam best aku layan je laa...The two leading ladies are Eja & Intan Azura...

And I dunno, all of a sudden aku mcm suka the theme song of the drama "Melawan Kesepian" by Siti Nurhaliza. I am not really a big fan of Siti though, but some of the songs are good!

Monday, August 24, 2009

3rd Ramadhan

Dear Beautiful Readers,

It's a working day, yes, it's Monday. I wish it's still Saturday / Sunday as I was enjoying myself having to fast during day-offs!

I can't wait to go back to KB for 4 days, at least I have a chance to be with my family during this holy Ramadhan.

Been busy with meetings / discussions since morning. Had the opportunity to go back early today and beli apa yang patut for berbuka...

Selamat Berbuka everyone..enjoy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Dear Beautiful Readers,

Yes, they're coming again. But of course, it won't be aired yet on in Malaysia, but I can still catch them via Youtube!
It's ANTM Season 13, full of "shorties" this time..those below 5' 7" :-)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

So amacam 1st day ramadhan? OK? Alhamdulillah, mine was OK. I think I managed it well today, and hope that another 29 days will be OK as today :-)

Went to the office for a while in the morning to pack up some stuff and transferred to another cubicle. And it went pretty smoothly (gaji pun dah masuk! :-))

And right after that I went to Pavi, feel like checking out few stuff. And yes, I feel like getting those 1969 GAP Jeans..voila!

P/S: Ramadhan is everything..I have to take this full opportunity!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa

Dear Beautiful readers,

I wanted to write but I don't feel like writing (camana tuh?). Probably with the writer's block etc.
Anyway, cut it short, I would like to wish all of you Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

P/S: Aku sebenarnya nak taruk a few pics tapi takleh..ntahlah, something wrong with the Net tonite.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"If you're in my shoes.."

Dear Beautiful readers,

"if u r in my shoes, then u'll know,
how bad it does feel when sometimes u feel neglected,
when sometimes u feel that u r not being appreciated,
when all the things that u've done are not good enough..

if u r in my shoes, then u'll know,
how bad it feels when u're being judged, without u knowing what exactly is your fault,
with you not having the opportunity to feel wanted like other people,
Not being able to explain properly,
I don't else can I explain.


Only God Knows..and of course, me."

Cari, Cari, Cari!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's Sunday again and I have a problem of "planning what to do today". Since I have spent time looking yesterday for "the shoes" that recommended by Z a few days and managed to find out that it won't be sold in KL but any other states, I ended up went back home empty handed.

It's another blessing though, at least I can save my money (which I should!)

My shrink sms-ed me a few days back, asking when can we have another session. Yeah, I should have planned another session with him and did mention to him that I might be planning to see him tomorrow after work (if things go well at work hopefully)


Another story..

As planned, I met Nat (my ex-boss, but not direct report) for lunch at Dome. I was very pleased to see her as at least I can share my current problems / issues with her and she did share some of hers with me.
I have already known her answer, and I did agree with her. It's fact of life, and being in that dept, i am totally totally have to face all these challenges..

I don't know, but sometimes it's very difficult to please people. It's a race against time nowadays, bukan mcm dulu lagi dah...

I don't deny that i can get very lonely sometimes, it's sad...(yes i know) and it also seems that I couldn't really please myself by doing other things...

I keep cari and cari and cari and ended up being so helpless..

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,
I was not around in the "vicinity" for the past 3 days, was away for forum/course together with the fraternity dinner etc.

Managed to network with old colleagues, catching up bits and pieces but nothing much interesting though.

Let's see some of the pics!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hari nih aku "down"..

Dear Beautiful readers,

Alhamdulillah, I am almost fully recovered from batuk & flu. Memang musim kut skrang nih, tgk luar tingkap pun...asyik hazy ja.

Anyway, aku rasa down lagik. Ntah laa..nak kata pikir2 sangat, tak jugak. Nak kata tak pikir pun, ada gak tetiba je benda nih dtg ngan sendiri.

I think I have tried my best. Being in this department still makes me feel that I am the worst, aku nak ckp apa2 pun (especially to my fellow subordinates) I really have to carefully construct my sentences. Mcm tadi, since aku dah kena ganti my other colleague (she just moved to another "subsidiary") i.e. i have to take over her section (another new challenge). There's a new lady coming to replace me and yeah, it looks like she "received" different kind of treatment. Aku tak kisah, i am happy for her (we have mutual friends, adik dia pun budak batch aku masa study dulu).

Yang aku terkilan, anak2 buah aku still macam tak puas hati. Ada je benda yg they think that I have done wrong. Aku serba salah. Siap aku ternampak satu email from one of my problematic staff sent to my future staff saying "korang ambik laa boss lama kami yang &!!&*%^&())(*)##***^, kami dah dpt boss baru" (something like that...)

I am quite sad about this, although ada a few friends said that I have to "persetankan" semua nih.

But me being me...i am not that satisfied because aku tak pasti apa salah aku.

Aku pening. Aku terasa dipinggirkan. Aku ingat, kat office bleh ler buat cam family (ye laa, being far away from family and not having many friends) My other two subordinates yang spoilt brat nih pun...ermm..ntah laa. Ikutkan hati aku rasa nak "lempang" gak...tapi aku berangan je, aku tetap sabar and I know...aku takkan sampai ke tahap kejam camtuh.

Nih memang betul cabaran kat aku. Aku betul2 diuji. Ujian kaw2 jugak laa..memang cabaran.

Aku kdg2 tak penah rasa down camnih. Tak tahu lagi mcm mana aku nak pen down all these stories..

Tuhan saja yang tahu...

P/S; Bak kata Sha, Tuhan akan menguji kita setakat kemampuan kita.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

Dear Beautiful readers,

Semalam memang bosan. But I have to "quarantine" myself before I am fully "cured". But what frustrated me most was, I don't know why I still couldn't get what i m hoping for since ages..

Something wrong with me? Am i being too insecure / secure? Or it's just me to begin with?
Memang susah teramat...

Aku pelik camana org lain boleh that too expensive? is that too valuable? is that too special and only for certain "chosen people'? Am i not the one?

Kadang2 aku terpikir...what so particularly special about this person, that he can get one and I think I am at the same par (at least) but I couldn't get any!

WHy? Why? WHy? WHy? I hate asking this but...i have no choice

P/S: "Kerna aku cinta kamu, hari2 aku kan menjadi hari kamu,kerna syarat hidup disayangi...."

Friday, August 7, 2009

2nd MC

Dear Beautiful readers,

Aku MC lagi hari nih. Ntah laa...bangun pagi tadi after Subuh aku terus ke klinik. Tup2 the 24hrs clinic yang aku pegi the day before tuh...mcm semua org masih "tidur". Guard dia kasi aku masuk...tunggu punya tunggu aku cam fed up.Doctor mcm takde (sebenarnya ada, tapi aku rasa duk tidoq), the nurse pun ntah pi mana! So i drove all the way to other areas to find clinic.

Arrived at another 24hrs clinic in Taman Dagang. The nurse told me that "doctor sampai pukul 9!"
What the f***!

Kata 24 hrs, tapi takde doctor? hmm..i wonder!

Menguji kesabaran betul.

Then i drove back to the first clinic that i went earlier. Got another day off although the doctor kata aku tak demam, cuma aku risau pasal batuk nih..

Spent time at home je today...what a bliss!

Tapi aku still rasa lemah..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

First time ever aku keje with this Company (for bloody six years) aku ambik MC.
That means...i am really sick.

Pening kepala. Dizzy and rasa berat.Batuk

Wish me well soon..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

Kawe batuk. *cough* *cough* *cough*

Migraine. Pening.

But still have the guts to go to work (adakah aku hamba keje or me just being responsible?)

Pi klinik, doctor kata demam biasa..cuma if it's getting worse, she asked me to come back again for a blood test.

Get well soon.

Take care

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

Kadang2 tuh, if you really want "a thing" (tak kisah laa apa2 pun), but u didn't get it that easily, there's always a blessing in disguise or hikmah.

That's what happened to me this afternoon when I really want to a "Blackberry" for myself. Went to Maxis KLCC but I kept thinking that I am not gonna change to a Maxis number, or any new number. Just want to maintain the number that I am using currently.

And yes, let's blame the PC Fair, KLCC was damn packed with sea of peole.

Anyway, I bought a book from Kino - New Malaysian Essay 2 (bunch of good Malaysian writers, i like!, especially Amir Muhammad)

I went to Avenue K Food Court for lunch, the Indonesian lady who manned one of the stalls siap tanya aku:

"Baru kluar jalan2 ya? Hmmm tidak kluar dengan pacar?"
What a question! Hahaha...tak nampak ke aku nih sorang? Kalau aku berdua pun, mcm ler the other party tuh pacar aku! Aku tiada pacaran dengan siapa2 pun...:-(

And well...cut it short, aku still tak puas hati pasal tak dapat Blackberry. Then I shot to Pavi, kut2 bleh grab any good deals kat Blue Cube. (Teruk kan..semalam dah gi Pavi and today pun gi lagi...takpe laa, aku tak susahkan sapa2 pun). But again, kat Blue Cube pun, kena ambik package, leceh...and aku malas nak ke Low Yat to get the Blackberry.
That's what I called hikmah..Hikmah that I won't spend my money as and when I need, without thinking the amount that I might spend :-)

Untuk sedapkan hati aku, aku pi Zara beli tie and singgah The Loaf beli cup cheese cake.

And headed home...lalalalalalallalaalalallalala

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lenovo & UCB

Dear Beautiful readers,

Hari nih mcm best pulak tido. Probably aku letih and in need of my beauty sleep :-).
I rarely wake up late every morning. Tapi tadi terus terlajak sampai 1030 hours :)

Had lunch with Fakh pasal he wanted to pass me that batik pants that he bought for me from Indonesia. Pakai buat tido je laa..

Then dia singgah umah aku main wii...:)

Right after Asar aku dah janji ngan ER nak kuar gi Low Yat and Pavi. And as planned earlier, memang aku nak pamper myself..

And tarrraaaaaaaaaaaa...

Ended up buying a Lenovo netbook for myself (ER bought his too...macam senang je kitaorg beli, cam beli nasi, so teruk!) and a new UCB bag (2 in 1). Aku frust kut pasal takleh balik kg..hehehe

No laa..probably i just want to make myself happy.

P/S; Esok another retail therapy.