Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Orang Kampung" Sombong?

Dear beautiful readers,

Ary cynically smiled at me yesterday morning while at the same time carrying a Berita Harian with her.
Guess what?

Ary : Look, this is soOOoo you!
Me : What?
Ary : See this page!
Me : Ermm...hahahah!

I am laughing out loud!

Me : Can you please scan this page for me?

And she did it! She didn't ask what I am going to do with these scanned pages. But anyway, the newspaper cutting tells it all..

My two cents' worth: I do agree with what the points raised by the writer. Enough said..
P/S: Thanks to Ary for the scanned page. Sorry for the size, not meant for reading. Check out the cute Berita Harian, Tuesday 5th August 2008

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