Sunday, May 31, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

It's been a while. Yeah..problems at work, writer's block, etc etc.
These are just lame excuses from me.

Probably I have got nothing much to update. Me being me, with not many interesting stories to be shared.

Just a few updates:

a) A guy who likes to provoke - who? me? I don't think so. It's always him who is always right. I guess...I better be more patience

b) A lady who is "too clever" (or she thinks she is!)- yeah, my staff. But I treat her more as a colleague. Having a slight problem with her. Hope everything's OK. Thanks for my other fellow colleagues especially H and Shaz who are so understanding supportive.

c) Boring weekend - Another boring weekend. But managed to make myself happy as usual, with a few "best buys"

50% off - shirt :-)

Camo Bermuda Pants - love it!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Mimpi Yang Tak Sudah..

Apa maknanya impian
datang dan pergi
membawa hati menyusuri kembali
jalan-jalan sepi

Kau kah di situ
yang menantiku
atau jelmaan
dalam kenangan
yang bernama pengalaman

Siapakah diantara kita
dengan rela menjadi pendusta
siapakah dulu mambina harapan
dan siapa yang memusnahkan impian
tanpa sebab dan alasan
kau lahirkan perasaan bagai taufan
tiba-tiba datang
dan menghilang

Kau bayang-bayang
masa nan silam
ada ketika terbawa-bawa
oleh resah mimpi yang tak sudah

First time..ever!

Dear Beautiful readers,

Aku tak penah rasa seteruk ini.

Down. Kecewa. Sunyi.Tension. Feel like i am less appreciated.

And because of this...I feel like crying.

It's been ages since my last drop of tears.

and now it's the time..

Just let it go!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chill at home - weekends

Dear Beautiful readers,

it's Sunday. Went out skejap pagi tadi to trade barang with Pak Syeikh. He came to KL with his family, and we traded "fridge magnets". But met him for a short while just to past that thing.

Yesterday went to my colleague's wedding in Gombak, then off to San Fran to meet Kos as he wanted to update me something on the "money matters". Now I think I understand and just let Kos do all the arrangements and switching, as he knows better (up until my retirement age?)

Malam? Went to Taman Dagang for dinner with ER. I was bored actually and so did him.We had dinner around 10.30 pm (lambat kan?) as he got something to settle at home..

I wasn't still that satisfied with B. I don't know. Why did he like to provoke things and ignite anger? I don't know what else i can do...better keep quiet.

Till then..

P/S: Que Sera Sera. Tadi petang tgk DVD "Perempuan Berkalung Sorban" - Best!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aku setia, tapi...

Dear Beautiful readers,

Korang ada tak rasa sometimes that u haven't done enough to satisfy other people? It's eh?
It's like this..

a) u think u have done much at work, but ur boss still couldn't see that you have already "sweat" urself to the max and being so loyal..There is so much favouritism only those who can really "speak" (sometimes with no substance at all) can "excel"...

b) kes bertepuk sebelah tangan. In a potential relationship, it's only you that have done your part but the other party seems doesn't really care..

c) You have done much in strengthening friendship/relationship, but it seems doesn't work.

It's pretty disappointing, but I really have to go with the flow. Probably it's still not sufficient enough.

Life must goes on.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Camar Yang Pulang..

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Ermm...let's follow the camar then ;-) ("B, u nak ikut camar tak?)

Bermusim tinggalkan perlabuhan
Layari hidup sendirian
Kembali kumencari fajar suci
Mengisi sepi hati ini

Seperti camar pulang ke pangkuan
Merindu kedamaian dulu
Begitu harapan ku terhadapmu
Semoga kasih belum layu

( korus )
Di hati ini sering melagukan rindu
Senyum tangismu di mata ku
Andai waktu bisa menemukan semula
Akan kubina kasih dulu bersamamu

Siapa yang menduga segalanya
Suratan takdir Maha Esa
Sepintas kutemui senyumanmu
Memberi daku sinar baru

( ulang korus )

Perlu Kamu?

Dear Beautiful readers,

This song keep playing in my head...i don't know why? Arghhh!!!

Ajai:Saat ini
Ku cerita
Isi hati segala rahsia
Aku rindu
Aku perlu
Hati kamu terukir namaku

Kris Dayanti:Aku tahu
Aku rindu
Aku perlu mengenali kamu
Biar masa bercerita
Kau takkan hilang aku sayang

Chorus :
Ajai:Ku sadari saat manis ni kan pergi

Biar aku ngerti
Kerna aku mahu kamu

Kris Dayanti:Ku ulangi kau yakini hati ini
Kerna aku cinta kamu
Hari hari aku
Kan menjadi hari kamu
Kerna syarat hidup

Both:Biar nyata
Aku setia
Janji cinta tentunya berbeda
Maafkan lah salah kita
Biar benci
Ku tetap di sisi

Chorus :
Ajai:Ku sadari saat manis ni kan pergi

Biar aku ngerti
Kerna aku mahu kamu

Kris Dayanti:Ku ulangi kau yakini hati ini
Kerna aku cinta kamu
Hari hari aku
Kan menjadi hari kamu
Kerna syarat hidup….

Ajai:Ku sadari saat manis ni kan pergi
Biar aku ngerti
Kerna aku mahu kamu

Kris Dayanti:Ku ulangi kau yakini hati ini
Kerna aku cinta kamu
Hari hari aku
Kan menjadi hari kamu
Kerna syarat hidup

Aku perlu
Aku rindu


Dear Beautiful Readers,

Another beautiful song by Rossa titled TEGA (don't get confuse with TEGAR <-- previous album). I think YOU will like it..

Menjelang hari bahagiamu
Kau tak pernah tahu aku bersedih
Kau lupakan semua kenangan lalu
Lalu kau campakkan begitu saja

Aku tahu dirimu kini
telah ada yang memiliki
Tapi bagaimanakah dengan diriku
Tak mungkin ku sanggup untuk kehilangan dirimu

Aku tahu bukan saatnya
Tuk mengharap cintamu lagi
Tapi bagaimanakah dengan hatiku
Tak mungkin ku sanggup hidup begini
Tanpa cintamu

Tak ingatkah kau dulu pernah berjanji
Bahagaiakan diriku selamanya
Tak berarti kah cinta kita yang lalu
Hingga kau bersama dengan dirinya

Chorus 2x

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

Today I guess things went smoothly. Went to the office at noon to settle something, and yes, I managed to clear a few tasks (together with kemas2). Hopefully, esok tak kalut sangat...biasalaa Monday kan?

Red Ferrari beside my car at the traffic light...Hmm I wonder!

Errmm...later at 4 pm, right after late lunch (i was so damn hungry), I left for Pavi and met ER there.Z supposed to join but probably he got something else (as he mentioned to me earlier yesterday.And I guess what? Another splurge! But it's worth it after 30% discount ;-)

J.Co Donuts for tomorrow makan2 kat office..Yang sebelah tuh apa eh? :-) Jeng jeng jeng!

It's worth it...and I know I deserved this! :-)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Dear Beautiful Readers,

Mind the title? Hahah...waiting.
Some people like to wait. Some people don't mind waiting.
Some people really hate waiting.

Errm..two things happened to me this morning that related to this title.

a) I have to wait for about 30 mins for my roti telur during breakfast while other customers (who came later than me) got theirs first!

b) I was waiting for an extra 1 hour for my car to be completely serviced! It was supposed to be completed at 3 but ended up at 4pm.
Layan lagu while waiting for the car...

Nasib baik buku pun ada...(i like!)

Anyway, there only one thing that we can learn from here, and yes it's a fact of life. Be Patient..and there are always blessings behind all these (ada hikmah disebaliknya..)

Thank God I managed to spend my time wise enough at the service centre. Got wifi maaa!!

Later that evening, I went out with Z and met him in KLCC. Another shopping spree? Hahaha...Ferragamo is currently having it's mid season SALE!!!

But thank God I wasn't lured to buy anything there!


Ended up buying a stainless steel, sapphire glass watch (really good bargain, 50% at ISETAN) and good brand too! And bought a top from TOPMAN..

Hehehe :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Too Much?

Dear Beautiful readers,

Back to work.

A bit lazy though. But i know...i have to be there. There are too many things to be settled and i hate to postpone things from one time to the other.

A bit pening today. Probably the weekends were too long (let's blame the long weekends then!) Hehehe..
And i feel a bit "stupid" today for not being able to deliver what I was expecting earlier at work.

Too much eh?

Z called me at 6ish, asking whether I have bought the ticket to Bali. Yes...we're going for a holiday again. ER yang ajak earlier. there'll be for of us and InsyaAllah, takde aral we'll be going there in D.E.C.E.M.B.E.R!

P/S: And yes...i bought the ticket!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eye Candy

Dear Beautiful readers,

Today aku tak masuk office lagi, I have to assist my colleague as a co-trainer for the development course organised by our fraternity.

And then...guess what? There was this eye candy, so sweet and this particular person sempat pour some chinese tea in my cup (three times ok!!) The smile? oh...god knows how sweet the smile is!

This person even asked me where do i stay, how old I am, and coincidentally, another colleague asking about MARRIAGE. Errrm..and that's why the question of age popped up and yes, this person asked me for my age.

I couldn't stop looking at this person. So bad of me.
And at the end of the end day, the person sempat tahan lift for me to go down and managed to say "see you on Friday!"

Yeah...i have to go there again for another training this Friday.

P/S: I am still living in my fantasy...:-(

Bye Bye Bangkok..

Dear Beautiful readers,
It's the time.

Time to say goodbye to Bangkok. A busy, hectic city but yet still full of mystery and things to be explored.
Another visit? Probably just for shopping. But not in the near future. Reached KL on hot Monday afternoon

Bye Bye Bangkok..

No more Sawadee Karp. Karp khun Karp (betul ke aku eja nih?) No more communication breakdown

Pic 1: My bags. Datang 2 bags, balik 3 bags (camana tuh?)
Pic 2: Breakfast @ Starbucks (no other choice), kat airport banyak tempat aku takleh makan!
Pic 3: At that airport..
Pic 4: Tunggu flight...
Pic 5: Kat airport..perasan tak kedai kat belakang tuh? :-) Jom gi!
P/S: Kat sana pun ramai org cuba cakap kat Siam ngan aku...:-) Sedara mara, serumpun kan?

Bangkok 4th Day - Cili Padi & Gigi?

Dear Beautiful readers,
It's Sunday morning, so we ended up having Sunday brunch at one of the Malay restaurants, CILIPADI in Silom Road. It's the typical Malay restaurant which based in overseas, mcm sepesen je semua all over the world. The deco etc.
I had the nasi goreng ayam and iced milo, and of course, in the restaurant itself..tak sah kalau takde gambar2 ministers / celebrities who had paid their visit to the place ;-)

Probably they want to show the Malaysian authencity. Maybe?
Right after the makan session, we went to the tailor to collect the suits and shirts. We ended up taking cab to go back to the hotel (Thai cabs are so colourful - the Kedah's colour i.e. Hijau Kuning, the pink ones, the tangy orange, the blue ones...and guess what, it's TOYOTA!!)
In late afternoon, i went out alone as I have made an appointment with a dentist in Sala Daeng. It's all for the "benefits of the teeth"..but guess what, I ended up of not doing it, afraid of the complication :-(
Since the appointment has been shorten, instead I went to Siam Paragon and MBK for another last minute shopping :-)

Bangkok 3rd Day - Manicure & Pedicure?

Dear Beautiful readers,
Feeling tired after having "fun" at Chatuchak and as agreed with Kam, we went for another pampering time. It's manicure and pedicure!

I haven't done these two, but it does feel good...:-)
By the way...kat Bangkok pun ada CIMB :-)

Bangkok 3rd Day - It's "Chatuchak" time!!

Dear Beautiful readers,

When in Bangkok, it won't be complete if the visitor don't pay a visit to Chatuchak Market. We took the BTS to Mo Chit Station and came back via MRT (the underground) at Chatuchak Park. It looks similar like all those shops in Rantau Panjang / Pengkalan Kubor but it's haven. U name it!! The indie clothing, the souvenirs, even bundle and dogs!!

Jom gerak ke Chatuchak!!
There are about thousands shops in here.I definitely think that we didn't manage to cover all (plus it's damn hot anyway...thank God I wasn't sweating like a pig!)

Managed to grab a few good deals...

Ice lemon tea to quench the thirst...surppppppp

Bangkok 2nd Day - Part 6

Dear Beautiful readers,

Right after having lunch in Nana, i went to the tailor to have the measurements taken for my suits and shirts. Ended up making 2 pairs of suits, 10 pairs of shirts and a pair of pants! (from two different shops - the 2nd one being "lured" of wanting to make another few shirts! Thanks to Kam! Hahaha).

We had a nice foot massage too! Very soothing..

Other than that, we managed to go to MBK Shopping Complex (another shopping), and also dropped by at the Siam Square (near the famous Siam Paragon Shopping Complex)

Oh...we went to Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok as well...u know why kan?

Bangkok 2nd Day - Part 5

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Makan time!
We had nice Halal Siamese lunch (in Nana area,there are many Halal restaurants here!) and I had another servings! The true blue Siamese Tom Yam! Voila!!

Habis licin!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bangkok 2nd Day - Part 4

Dear Beautiful readers,
a) Maharaj Pier

b) You can see the palace from the boat..

c) Another few piccies!

d) Let's quench the thirst! (but the Ice Lemon Tea was so damn sweet!)

P/S: For the rest of Day 2, ada lagi...tapi I am a bit sleepy now. Time to hit the sack. Nite!