Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Dear Beautiful readers,

Remember B? Well...I did talk about him in my last blog (which is now no longer exist, unfortunately!). I knew that he'll also be at the conference that I am currently attending. And I text-ed him.

Me: A'kum. Hang attend tak conference nih?

B: Aku balik office jap, kena jaga booth kat sini. Nanti petang kita jumpa? I will give you a call.

Me: Baik encik.

And I met B around 1715 hours. B didn't change much, but I have changed a lot. At least now, I am as tall as a way. But he always maintains his good and exotic looks! Grrrr!

Well...I met him for for a mere 30 minutes as both of us have things to be done later. But I did enjoy catching up things with him - old stories, about our friends, family etc etc. Well, we attended the same school anyway.

Later, K called. I didn't expect him to call. But well, thanks to him. Appreciate that. I guess he's not a mere cheap labour.

I'll be leaving for my workplace tomorrow morning, catching up the earliest flight. Well..that's normal, and I have to rush back to the office.

P/S: I can't wait to move back to KL...

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