Friday, August 29, 2008

Coffee Session

Dear Beautiful readers,

Another unproductive day (in terms of work related), but more to running here and there, attending meeting, discussion & briefings.

First and foremost, we had another pot luck / makan session at my office, as we were celebrating one of our "most senior citizen's staff"s birthday. We had a small party, unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera and thus, I didn't manage to snap a few pics (didn't want to use my E71)! ;-)

Later after work, I have to rush to Starbucks as I was invited for a coffee session organised by them (Refer my earlier posting titled "Coffee, Tea or Me?") at 5.30 p.m. I was slightly late, and of course, they have already started. They placed me with two American guys and an American lady, (I guess, two of them are couples, as they came with cute kids too). They were quite friendly and I was quite surprised that there were also American in this small town (i can consider my current place is quite small, as compared to KL).

I got the goody bag, filled with a mug, coffee beans and the passport. Overall, I guess.. this session is similar to wine tasting session (although I haven't been into any, I don't drink anyway...hehehe). At least, i did gather some knowledge in regards to the world of coffee! (I can't really say that I am avid coffee drinker!)

Shortly after that, I went to the bus station to meet those buddies who are leaving for KL for the long weekends treats. Unfortunately, I won't be able to do the same as I have to work from Sunday to Tuesday. Sabar je laa!
And now, me at home...enjoying my night.

P/S: Remember my previous posting (in my old blog) regarding the "half brother" of Starbucks Coffee? Malaysians are creative....

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