Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm back!

Dear Beautiful readers,

it's been a while. in fact, it's a LONG one! Been running around, like a headless chicken, here and there etc etc.

As a matter of fact, I have been thinking of resuming my blog since past few weeks, but it seems like i couldn't even crafted a single word. Enough said. Period.

As a summary, here are the happenings (past, present and future):

a) Busy, busy, busy (have to lead to different set of teams at work, but i just go with the flow, and not really complaining. I am sure, there's always a blessing!)

b) Turned out to be a coffee drinker (but during the recent week, i haven't had a single coffee at all, yes..that's an achievement!)

c) Feel a bit motivated sometimes at work, probably I have boost up my confidence level (and feels important)

a) Friends? come and go. And yes, i meet a new bunch of friends (not many but i do appreciate their support, in some way or other.) Old friends? yes..well, depends...those with relationships (be it on and off) and those without.

a) Sucks as usual. Why did he come back to me? Bored with the pretty one(s) and yet you dare to come back to ugly duckling?

a) Not planning any major since I have scrapped mine that was planned this coming December (the leave has been approved by my pretty direct boss but well..things might changed -things are getting crazier and crazier at office nowadays)

it's saturday and I am waiting at the car service centre. Yes, it'll take sometimes.
Yeah, i am not complaining..

What should i do next?