Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Dear Beautiful readers,

It was kind of funny though that I am currently attending the same course as my ex-boss!
Hmm...why did I think it's funny? Was it because:

a) Aku memang sort of like "I-am-not-really-into-him" kind of thing..
b) I didn't expect to meet him here
c) I can say that I wanted to avoid him (due to a number of reasons!)

But surprise surprise...hmm, I was kind of feeling quite comfortable whenever that I am with him during the course. Before writing this note, I did have a short conversation with him as he asked me to help him with his internet connection. And we did talk about work (pre and post transfer) and also other things.
There's no more awkward feelings as before, probably there's no longer a barrier (and he's no longer my boss!)

Thank God that my day's OK today (eventhough I will always have this awkward feelings whenever i am having meals with a "group" of my coursemates, another inferiority complex problem? Hahah!)

P/S: Another boring updates huh? Well..probably it's kind of late already..

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