Friday, August 1, 2008


Dear beautiful readers,

I was late to work this morning, not too late but it passed over the office hour time. Aku dah agak dah that i'll be late but I wasn't feeling well since last night. Feel like vomitting (eating too much on the night before that was one of the reasons!) and batuk like hell!

It's was F's birthday last night and we celebrated at the nearby cafe (one of our usual hangout places - owner pun dah kenal!) Happy Birthday F and Many Happy Returns.

Guess what? I realized there was a group of similar "species" entering the cafe at the same time, new faces maybe. My radar told me they are from the similar species, but probably from different clan / or what we can call as "ethnicity". I wasn't sure, and I am not going to "label" then as I was happy and having fun with the friends.

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