Sunday, August 31, 2008

My 51st Entry..

Dear Beautiful readers,

What a coincidence! It's 51st birthday of Malaysia and it's my 51st posting within a month!
Ermm...some might say that I purposely did this, but I didn't!
I didn't even count on how many postings that I have done so far, until someone told me that I managed to post 50 writings in a month! celebrate this, I guess I will combine multiple topics on this particular final posting for the month of August!

1) Books
Remember I told you guys earlier that i bought two books yesterday?'s more to the love at first sight!
The first book (an illustrated biography about Tun M) was quite an interesting piece indeed. Some people are not really keen on reading heavy materials like a biography of a political figure or even any non-fictions! But this one is really an eye opener and I managed to flip through a couple of pages last night before off to bed.
Another book, New Malaysian essays 1 was another stimulating book, a compilation of intelligent writings by special writers especially Amir Muhammad (love his writing on Unwelcomed Words!)

2) Budget 2009
In a way, I don't think it's really nice outcome (not against it though, but i didn't really find it's quite a nice package, in overall). Earlier, I expected that they might give more tax relief, but an increase of RM 50 from RM350 in regards to the individual tax relief wasn't that inviting at all!

Furthermore, in regards to the electricity bills less than RM 20 (mine is RM 15 per month, in as a result, am I entitled? Heheh), I don't think this is fair...if we're looking in totality.

But overall, I know that the Government's doing their best, but yet my humble opinion and my two cents' worth of comment, I don't really keen / fond on this Budget 2009.

3) Using nut to increase your sexual prowess?
I read The Star this morning and one of the articles was regarding one guy in Johor Bahru who used nut (initially i thought it's nut as in kacang, but actually nut as in "nuts & bolts" when I saw the pic!) to increase his sexual abilities and ended up got the nut stuck at his genital. Ouchhhh! Double ouchhh!
But he's creative anyway (I wonder where he got this knowledge..), I am sure that he obtain the nut from the workshop that he's currently working ;-)
Bijak kan?

4) Terawih
InsyaAllah, I will try to improve my terawihs this year, hopefully it will be better than the previous year(s). Amin...

P/S: I wonder whether my blog is really that interesting...Comments anyone?

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It's interesting apa!