Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY @ Pavi

Dear Beautiful readers,

I was thinking of spending my CNY morning at work (sad huh?) but then I thought of cooking something and chillin' at home.

ER text-ed me and asking what I was doing. And later we had decided to meet up for coffee @ Pavi.

Surprise2, I thought that they were not many people but instead, there were quite a number of shoppers, even those Chinese wearing their baju rayas etc.

Bought few stuff, until I realized something when I was in the fitting room...I got a text message from my colleague A-Sh.

Stuff from GAP & Padini

Books from Times

A-Sh: Weh...Ma'am (our boss) suruh pi office, bukan shopping kat Pavillion! :-)

And I was kinda's creepy though..(not that creepy creepy).It's like someone stalking me! ;-)
Me: Esok aku gi office. Gila stalker beb!

It's quite funny though...and the fact that I was walking with ER. You know laa kan...nanti ada gossip plak susah!

And I also met my ex-colleague, ARN. Used to have a crush on ARN, but when I met him in that shop, ARN was waiting for the other half. (I don't know that ARN has the other half!).

We went for our coffee at Michaelangelo's. Don't really feel like eating though.

And there goes my 1st day of CNY. One more day to go before it ends. ARghhhh!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Budak Kelantan

Dear Beautiful Readers,

I don't know why I am kinda like this movie. Go and get the DVD guys! ;-)

Happy Chinese New Year!

Dear Beautiful Readers,

To all the Chinese readers (if there's any! hahaha!) I would like to wish you a very Happy CHinese Ox-Year.
Have a prosperous ones!

Drinks with M

Dear Beautiful Readers,

It's the 2nd day of the long hols. So far so good, and hoping that it won't go that quick (who am i to stop the clock then?)

Went to IKEA early in the morning (i guess it's quite early at 9 a.m on Sunday morning!). Bought some stuff and had McD for lunch (even though I tried to boycott McD but finally I couldn't resist it! Teruk kan?)

Naj came to my place around 3 ish. He's bored at home I guess. Nevermind, at least I have a company at home.

Around 7.50 p.m, got a text message. Beep! It's from M after a long bloody silence!

M: Happy Holiday!
Me: Same goes to u. Me in KL
M: Care to join me for a drink kat Restorang Rashid Mamak in Ampang?
Me: Sure, give me 5-10 mins

Met M. Yes, he's sexy as before (in my eyes...). At his age, he has that sexual appeal. The rough, Lynette's husband look-a-like.

Catching up with M. Me. Him.Me.Him...well..and life goes on.

He left and I managed to buy some DVDs from the street seller. Another days with DVDs I guess.

1) Budak Kelantan
2) Yes Man
3) Seven Pounds

Now at home. Killing time. Another moment with DVDs. Hahaha!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Dear Beautiful Readers,

I went back home early today eventhough it rained along the way. Attended training instead of being at the office (that's why I managed to reach home early...heheh).

Because of that, now it's time to masak. I mean...I did have ample time to cook I guess. "Met" Fakh online @ YM.

The conversation went on:

Me: Hey there, still at work?
Fakh: Yeah..
Me: Me at home..
Fakh: Buat apa? (What are you doing?)
Me: the same time masak..(cooking..)
Fakh: Masak? (Cooking?) What's the menu?
Me: Ayam Goreng & Sambal Tumis Udang. (Fried Chicken and Chilli Prawns).Saja nak abiskan udang...lama2 nanti tak fresh. (time to cook all the prawns or else it will get rotten)
Fakh: Nyum2...nak dtg makan boleh? (Delicious...can I come to eat?)
Me: Datang laa...(Sure)

So Fakh came to my house for dinner. Pity the nasik tak cukup because the sambal was so nice (complimenting myself, chewahh...who else kan?)

Then we watched the DVD "Slumdog Millionaire" that I bought last nite when I was with Far at Secret Recipe.

I would like to recommend the movie to all of you. It's well written, good storyline as well. But it shows (and probably) portrays the real life of rags and riches of India.

P/S: Moral of the story: Be thankful in our life...heheh.
By the way, Happy Birthday to AH aka tokey KFH. Semoga Panjang Umur & Murah Rezeki

Monday, January 19, 2009

Treasure Hunt

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Listening to the Do's and Don'ts aka BRIEFING

Last Saturday, I went for a treasure hunt in KJ, organised by one of the famous school alumni. It was quite fun, my friend/old buddy Lynn who was responsible in inviting me to join her team.

It was fun (i was an old junkie in "hunting activities"). We got 13th placing, not too bad out of 50 cars. But the hadiah wasn't that interesting.

But nevermind, the thrill of it is much more important! ;-)

I wish I can do more...

P/S: Nanti nak join Lynn & WN lagik....there were few eye candies as well, sempat main mata! arghhh

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sambal Tumis Udang

Dear Beautiful readers,

My cooking skill is getting better! (Puji diri sendiri...)
I realised that I didn't eat out for the past few weekends. Instead, I cooked at home, all by myself.

And today, initially I was nearly wanted to "tapao" something from the shop outside, but I realised that...what the heck, it's better for me to cook at home. And taraaaaaaaaaaaa....


Bon Appetit!

P/S: What else to cook?

Bukan Kasihku

Dear Beautiful readers,

Another beautiful song by Kaer (tiada kaitan antara hidup dan mati ;-)). Enjoy listening!

inikah akhirnya tinggallah lara disini
terpadamlah api kasih setelah dikau pergi
telah ku korbankan sudah aku curahkannya
semua kasih suci pada dirimu

tak ku mahu asmara kan hancur seperti debu
tak kumahu diri mu bukan lagi kekasihku
dan disini tinggallah aku menantikan kasih
sesaat berlalu bertahun kurasa

oh manakah silapnya
kemanakah kan ku bawa
erti cinta sejati
cuma dimimpi

tak ku mahu asmara kan hancur seperti debu
tak kumahu diri mu bukan lagi kekasihku
dan disini tinggallah aku menantikan kasih
sesaat berlalu bertahun kurasa pedihnya...

tak ku mahu asmara kan hancur seperti debu
tak kumahu diri mu bukan lagi kekasihku
dan disini tinggallah aku menantikan kasih
sesaat berlalu bertahun kurasa oh pedihnya...

uh uh uh ...
oh pedihnya

Boycott American Goods!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's 1.30 a.m, and I still couldn't sleep. Flipping thru' the TV channels and all of a sudden...

Jeng jeng jeng..

....I switched on to TV9. I rarely watch the programmes shown in this particular channel, but something turned me on tonite..

It's the re-run of Nasi Lemak Kopi O, a morning talk-show hosted by Aziz Desa. The guest was YB Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir. They were talking about the Gaza issue and it was quite interesting..

There's one caller, giving one bloody good, brilliant opinion as follows:

"Kalau tuan2 minum air, ingatlah darah anak2 Palestin,
Kalau tuan2 makan daging, ingatlah daging anak2 and penduduk Palestin,
Kalau tuan2 pakai pakaian dari Amerika, ingatlah kain2 kapan yang digunakan untuk membungkus mayat2 penduduk Palestin"
If I can translate, it might sound like this:

"If you are drinking those "drinks/beverages", think about the blood of the Palestinians,
If you are eating those "meats", think about those bodies of the Palestinians,
If you are wearing those "American apparels", think about those cloths used to cover up the dead bodies of the Palestinians"

Such a beautiful, well arranged, cynical statements from this caller. D'accord!

I was quite touched actually. And that's why I switched on my laptop (which already been switched off earlier) and continued blogging (can't wait for tomorrow to jot down this particular information!)

P/S: Try to contribute, do your best to assist those Palestinians, InsyaAllah! Sometimes, I am just an ignorant person, so pardon me for being that. I am just a human being who need to be led to the right path..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Nite Out

Dear Beautiful readers,

Got sms from Fakh in the evening, something like this:

"Kawe nok gi umoh demo male nih...buleh ko? The other half takdok, kena keje.. " (I am planning to come to your house tonite, can I? My other half have to work,unfortunately..)"

And my reply was something like this:

"Ok know me laa kan.I'll be at home tonite. What do you feel like eating?

Fakh's sms: "No need to prepare apa2.."

Me: Ok then...

But just now, I went out with Naj. Naj called me, and we went out for coffee @ Coffee Beans. I think me and Naj might have a number of mutual friends kut. I don't know...have to check further with him.

A nice person though..

Right after meeting Naj, Fakh arrived at my home.

Anyway, at this point of time, Fakh and a friend of him (another fellow countryman, just a mere coincidence!) are watching TV / reading mags at my house. We probably might go out for midnight movie later. Not sure yet..

Saturday's retail therapy!

Dear Beautiful readers,

Another proactive Saturday (as compared to last Saturday!).

Went out for shopping at KLCC this morning. Bought few things that I have been looking for before, such as a leather attache at 50% discount!

While walking to my car at the car park, I saw this MyVi. Iwas looking at that car too as the registration number hailed from my "home country" i.e. he might be my fellow country man! Driving along looking for a parking space.

Not too forget, a nice driver too! (berangan!)

And again..while walking, the driver rolled down the window.

The driver: Nak keluar ke? (Smiling at the same time...nice!)

Me: Haah. Sekejap eh? (Smiling too..)

There's the driver. Waiting for me to start and "get away" with my car. I wish I can raise my hand, waving to the driver..


P/S: Nevermind, at least...I did someone else a favour, literally... ;-)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Mood

Dear Beautiful readers,

As time goes by, now i realised that my responsibilities are getting bigger.

At the same time, I have to improve myself as well and try to equip with the latest knowledge and information.

Ermm...those are the challenges that I am facing now. I feel like I am being "watched".

My a good friend / collague of mine did tell me that at my position now, of course.."you are being 'watched'"

I was motivated as well this afternoon as one of the Senior Managers told me that initially she wanted to take me to work for her (which i didn't really expect that to come out from her mouth!). The conversation was something like this:

Z: So how's working in KL then? You like it?

Me: far so good. Something different. I am fine with it.

Z: Oh..that's good. I was thinking of taking you as well to work in my department, but then it was too late. Somebody has already grabbed you.

Heheh...there goes. Laku jugak aku rupanya (Angkat bakul sendiri...)

In my Company, the career progression is being chartered properly. And I guess, I am lucky (so far). Lots of blessing in disguise.

Syukur Alhamdulillah..

Later that evening, Gen called me. It's 6.30 p.m.:

Gen: Hey, are u still at work?

Me: Yeah...I am still at work. Packing up..sort of!

Gen: Care to meet up? Drinks?

Me: Sounds good to me. Where?

Gen: I don't mind..Ermm, shall we to xxx?

Me: Oh...sure. See ya then!

We met up at xxx. Managed to catch up on each other latest updates.
Saw Sherry from far at xxx. But couldn't be bothered to go to her table. We met each other everyday at the office pun anyway...

P/S: Esok nak buat apa eh?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kelas Ngaji..

Dear Beautiful readers,

Every day, we will always use the "same route" to work..and I know the car!
Well...I wasn't stalking, it's just a coincidence..

Anyway, it's just a dream, I am only fantasising...and definitely it won't happen!

Back to work. I am getting busier and busier, and I's the time for me to show that I am willing to contribute and give my fullest contribution to the Company and team, as a whole, InsyaAllah.

Left office around 6.30. A called. Dia nak belajar ngaji ngan aku..
Before this, he already told me his beautiful intention. I was quite touched that he asked me.

A: Hey...where are u?

Me: I'll call you back. Tgh bayar..(i was at the cashier, paying for something..)

5 mins later..

Me: Hey, what's up?

A: Pasal kelas ngaji tuh...bila ko free? (About the reciting Quran class, when are you free?)

Me: I don't mind..when r u ok with that?

A: Selalu ko tido kul berapa? Ok ke time weekdays nights? (What time normally you go to bed? R u OK with weekdays nights?)

Me: Weekdays OK, tapi sometimes I am not so sure on the timing. Kadang2 balik awal (Sometimes, I leave for home earlier than usual), sometimes a bit later than usual. I don't mind though. Midnight masuk bilik laa.. What about weekends?

A: Weekends aku takut aku lagha (Fret that i'll not be able to concentrate during weekends)

Me: Heheh...i tell you what, whenever you are free, let me know k? Don't forgot your songkok...and pakai kain pelikat tuh! (Don't forget your sarong!)

A: Aku takde songkok, pakai kopiah boleh? (I don't have a songkok, you don't mind kopiah rite?)

Me: *Smiling*

Then I left home, smiling..

P/S: I have to assist him

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Blues

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's 5th January 2009.'s the first day of school of Year 2009. As expected, there were so many cars on the road (at the time when I left home for work).

And again, it's different at work. There were not many people.

Yeah, most of my colleagues were on leave too..(sending kids to school I guess?)

Had late lunch around 3ish as I was having discussion with my boss during lunch..No wonder I felt hungry like hell.

Boring eh?

E told me about the new Gucci Pour Homme. Terus I headed to Isetan to get one.


The item was out of stock.

So I left for Parkson.

Hehehe...managed to get that 50ml bottle, with "all over body shampoo"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chillin' at Home

Dear Beautiful readers,

I am chillin' at home again.

It's happening in KL, but I am not "happening" enough to be part of it.
So i ended up at home, as I have spent most of my time in the city during my 5 working days.

Should have found another suburb places for weekend retreats. ;-)

Woke up early today and managed to find the laundry for the sheets. The laundry owner told me that even on day time he has to lock his shop as recently thugs had come with parangs and robbed the shop.

Scary! That's KL..

P/s: I wonder whether 2009 will be fulled of happiness and life-learning experiences.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang

Dear Beautiful readers,

A nice song. Sesuai ngan aku (kut?) hahaha!! check out the link below

Yang tulus ikhlas

Ingin sekali sekala dirinya dibalas

Walau hanya dengan dakapan di angin lalu

Yang selalu memberi

Ingin sekali sekala jadi penerima

Cukup dengan salam dan manis doa


Aku ingin kau merasakan hebatnya cinta

Dan leburkan saja serpihan calar derita


Selamat ulang tahun sayang

Kini kau bersayap, pergilah terbang

Rentaslah langit cita cita mu

Harap nanti kita ‘kan bertemu

Selamat ulang tahun sayang

Janganlah engkau tak terbang pulang

Ku nanti penuh kerinduan

Selamat tinggal, selamat jalan

(Strings Bridge)Prechorus

Aku hanya inginkan engkau setia

Kerana setia yang mencipta bahagiamu


Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Dear Beautiful readers,

Yeah..yeah, it's 2nd January and but it's not too late for me to wish all of you happy New year, rite?
Well...i am not going to list down my new year resolutions here (i know..i doesn't really work for me and i just want to go with the flow this time around)

Wish me all the best, in all departments in the year of 2009, InsyaAllah