Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lone Ranger on Merdeka eve..

Dear Beautiful readers,

Sad title huh? Well...I don't mind though, it's not really "sad" anyway, and I got used to it!

And guess what, it's a shopping spree time!

Well...I didn't really plan to spend some of my "money", it's more to the fact that I just want to kill my time, being a "loner" during this long weekends and retail therapy is one of the biggest problem solver at this point of time! On top of that, I have to make some necessary arrangements with the potential "door gifts" provider for our next coming big event to be held in mid October. I have to do it fast, or else the Management will get mad easily...

Since I got a sale invitation at one of this popular outlets (they called me, of course I don't want to miss the 3 days merdeka sale, who knows that I can get good bargains!) and as expected, yes...I did grab some interesting items...And after that, I had lunch (again...I was all by myself!) ;(


Two pair of jeans, 2 dress shirts and a pair of brown pants

2 hours later, I moved to another mall (for another "killing time" activities). I know that there will always be a lot of people (what do I expect on weekends kan?). I managed to grab another set of interesting items, books and DVDs. Sekali sekala...bukan selalu kan?

Reached home almost 10 p.m after having dinner at the usual makan place.

My humble dinner

I know that now...people (the friends etc) are having fun, attending parties, countdown for the Merdeka. I am not really interested in this "countdown" activities, but being invited to a party is something that I couldn't miss!


No party(ies) or makan2 session whatsoever are currently held here..

And again, I am all by myself tonite...

P/S: Care to shop some more? Hehehehe

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