Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Dear Beautiful readers,

First and foremost, I would like to wish all friends, fellow bloggers, fellow readers (be it silent readers or anyone in this planet who religiously follow my blog!) a very Happy New Year and Many Happy Returns. May Year 2010 will be better than Year 2009.

Me? Well...I'll be at home tonite, having cupcakes or drinks. And will make a wish from home, instead of being with the rest at the famous spot(s) where they can be spotted. I am sure,everybody have their own preferences (and wishes).

Whatever it is, here are my wishes (ha! ha!):
To ADVANCE further in my Career
To BEAUTIFY myself, inside and outside
To CARE and be CARED
To DEVELOP my inner strength; spiritually and physically
To GRAB whatever opportunities coming through my way
To HARNESS my self esteem
To have a JOLLY good time
To KILL my mental in-alertness
To LOVE and be LOVED
To become less NARCISSISTIC
To become an OPPORTUNIST
To PREVENT hatred amongst each other
To be of high QUALITY – Love & Career
To RESTORE good deeds in me
To SHARE the spirit of loving and caring to each other
To TERMINATE any not-so-good characters of mine (should there be any!)
To UTILIZE your own & inner “hidden gems”
To VENTURE into new areas (be brave!)
To WANE OFF the evil-spirits
To EXPEDITE success
To be YOUNG at heart (he! he!)
To have a ZESTY life!

I accidentally read my zodiac, for the coming 2010 (source: Errmm....don't worry, I won't put 100% trust in this!

Year 2010 Career
The big news for Virgo this year for work and money is not so much an onslaught of good news as it is the release of tremendous pressure. Neither Saturn nor Pluto have done you any favors in the last two years. Fortunately for you, they've both moved on to make economic trouble for someone else. The next year of your financial life should run far more smoothly than you've gotten used to, and your perseverance will be rewarded in 2010.
Part of the gains you'll be making will be as a result of good old-fashioned penny-pinching and money management. Whether you had a natural inclination that way before, you will find that you have newfound talents in the wise spending department.
Your personal earning ability will also be improving in the next year. April and May will bring opportunities for you to either shine within the context of the job you already have, or to reach out and find something new. There are no particular warning signs for the next year, but you may want to start giving some real thought to what the next logical step should be on your career path. If there is one downside to the work year ahead, it's a nagging doubt that you are in the right place and using your talents to your advantage. The last three months of the year in particular -- the holiday rush season in many lines of work -- may find you questioning whether your current position is the best for you. Do your groundwork, and opportunities will present themselves at this time.

Year 2010 Romantic
This is the year that everything changes, one way or another! Saturn has left your sign, so you aren't feeling as weighed down by life as you once were. Pluto is transiting your Romance House, bringing revolutionary changes to your love life and your romantic pursuits. And, to top it all off, two eclipses hit your romance sector.
The first of the two happens in January, and makes for a major shift that will carry on throughout the first few months of the year. If you are currently in a stable committed relationship, be prepared for some jolts. Don't panic just yet; the jolt will be of a temporary nature, but could bring long-standing issues to the surface that need to be addressed for the sake of the relationship.
Then in July, a second eclipse will liven things up again. Unlike the previous eclipse that landed in your House of Committed Relationships, this one affects your House of Love Received. Certainly if you are in a long-term relationship at the time, it will be affected. But even if you aren't, don't be surprised if new romantic potentials appear out of nowhere -- or from a direction you didn't expect.
If you are in a committed relationship, the first month of the year is generally good. Then from February onwards, Jupiter rolls into your Eighth House. This brings a new emphasis on the physical side of your relationship. A bit of a caution though: this doesn't necessarily just mean your partner. Whether it's appropriate or not, prepare to be hit on a lot.
P/S:What say YOU?

"Sisters" or "sisterhood"?

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Time moves so fast. It's the end of 2009.
It's the end of my long holidays (next week dah start keje dah! *Sigh*...but with a new spirit, definitely!)

I have decided to spend my last day of 2009 at home. No celebrations. No parties. No makan2. No shopping (org ramai definitely!). As if, before this I was so "cool" to be part of that celebrations/parties/makan2.

Nada Nada Nada nada! (no no no no!)

I am not long as I have my "sisters" with me, regardless of where they are!

Talking about last night, I went out with ER and we left for dinner later. All of sudden, I saw Fakh from far, yes it's him.

He walked to my table and said that someone wanted to know me (actually he told me before, but yet to be elaborated further maybe?) well, i don't mind if that new person wants to know me..let it be and go with the flow. I am not expecting anything. I actually knew that person, but I won't be judgemental....yet! (i am missing my dot dot dot dot!)

That's what friends/brothers/sisters are for kan?
P/S:Balik rumah...layan ritual lagi! hehe

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Trip to "IDEA"land...

Dear Beautiful readers,

I went out with Mr ID to IKEA / IKANO Power Centre with the purpose of "generating" some ideas and also to look at the appropriate similar kind of furnitures/electrical appliances/materials/stuff. I am not saying i wanted to turn my new house like a page that you can find from IKEA catalogue but it's more on getting some new ideas (other than mags and discussion with the experts).

Anyway, it's worthwhile, followed by lunch and a trip to the bus station as Mr ID wanted to buy ticket to Penang. I also ended up buying cushions (cute eh? ha! ha!)

P/S: I wonder when can I get the key? :-(

Best cuti! :-)

Dear Beautiful readers,

It was heaven!
That was my first expression/feelings while being away from office since 24th December, although I didn't go out of the city / country.
It's like "whatever happens in Manhattan, stays in Manhattan!"

Anyway, time2 cuti nih laa ada masa nak masak sendiri (won't rely to any kedai makan kat luar rumah), on and off from one place to another, having coffee / tea at odd hours, kemas rumah etc etc.

While finishing the "therapy session" with Fakh yesterday evening, I got an sms from F.
F: Kat ner?
F: U dah balik ke? I nak pegi sana..
Me: hah? Kat KL again? Sokmo last minute. I am actually at Ave K, nak gerak ke KLCC jap lagi with my friend
F: Ok on my way...

Heheh...I hate last minute instruction. Tapi takpelaa, bukan selalu dia datang. And I am fine with that...

Later we shot to Pavi. I didn't buy anything, instead he bought something. And off to my place.
Saja singgah jap..
Later at nite, it's the "ritual" session...heheh! See pics below :-) (i am being possessed by "these people, ha! ha!)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"In Love with YOU.."

Dear Beautiful readers,

It was quite a disappointing fact that Sazzy & Naz didn't turn out to be the champion of SB3 (i can see it from Sazzy's cute face that she's a bit frustrated when Fahrin and Scha announced the winner, which was Sein and Nana). But they're still rocks!

Love it when they performed the dance, song by Regina Velasquez and Jacky Cheung "In Love with YOU"..


P/S: I'm in love with YOU? Jacky Cheung & Regina Velasquez
Just a gentle whisper told me that you're gone
Leaving only memories where did we go wrong
I couldn't find the words then, so let me say them now
I'm still in love with you
Tell me that you love me, tell me that you care
Tell me that you need me and I'll be there
I'll be there waiting

I will always love you, I will always stay tune
There's no one who loves you like I do, come to me now
I will never leave you, I will stay here with you
Through the good and bad I will stay tune
I'm in love with you

Now we here together yesterday has passed
Life is just beginning close to you and I
And I promise to you
I will always be there
I'll give my all to you
Living a life without you is more than I can have
Hold me close forever and I'll be there
I'll be there for you

I will always love you, I will always stay tune
There's no one who loves you like I do, this I promise
I will never leave you, I will stay here with you
Through the good and bad I will stay tune, hold me closer
Our love is forever, holding us together
Nothing in this world can stop us now
Love has found, love has found the way

Boxing Day!

Dear Beautiful readers,

Yes, yesterday was the boxing day!

What? No live telecast? No laa...i didn't refer to that Boxing Day, it's the "Boxing Day" of the one day after Xmas i.e. every year on 26th December.

I am not so sure about the history of Boxing Day but what i knew best about boxing day is the crazy clearance sales held all over the world, especially in the western countries. (haa...i missed my good, old student days!)

Anyway, nothing much happened here on this particular day except that I went to KL Sentral to redeem my points to claim the tickets for Ma & Abah. It turned out to be that the tickets were fully booked from KB to KL so I thought that they might not be able to come and stay with me for a couple of days during these long hols (mind you...I am on leave until the New Year, yay!)
And that was the first time after ages that I had my weekend coffee/tea fix and breakfast at KL Sentral

In the afternoon, i met Fakh for our "sessions" with the therapists at Avenue K (this place kind of dodgy nowadays..probably due to the fact that not many people go there, but thanks to the food court on the UG level and Quatro at the Ground Floor). turned out to be good and we had to see them again next week. Hope it's worth doing it again!

Later that nite, E, Rin & SAO came to my house for a dine in. I didn't cook anything but instead they brought yong tau foo and some cakes. We had "wii" sessions later and followed by a round of Monopoly. It was fun indeed, although I was kinda tired (they left at 3 a.m. at night and have to catch flight to Melbourne later today. P/s: sorry guys, couldn't send you to the airport, you know your way kan? Heheheh)

Meanwhile, while writing this particular posting, I just came back from the Sunday coffee fix and left for bank. I wonder why nowadays there are a number of should i call this "orang mintak derma exactly depan bank". I got nothing against them, but their "strategy" does work indeed.

That's all for the first part of Sunday. I don't know what will I encounter later today.

Till then, cheerio!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sakura by Rossa - Best beat!

Dear beautiful readers,

Since these few days, i love to listen to Rossa's track #7 - Sakura. Best beat indeed....
Different than her other melancholic theme songs..


Friday, December 25, 2009

Do i have to?

Dear Beautiful readers,
I met Kam for a quick lunch right after Friday prayers. We went to have lunch at Chilli's (craving for it's Honey Chicken Chipotle actually). It's been quite sometimes that I haven't met him, athough we work in the same building.

I can say that..he does look happy now. Well...i guess probably he achieved what he wants. Not saying that I am not happy (aku bersyukur with whatever that I have now, cuma...i am missing one part of dot dot dot..)

Anyway, let's talk about facebook. I don't even own one. I think i might have one but it's been an inactive profile (i probably have created that ages ago but nothing inside).

Yes, it's the IN THING now, but I don't think that I am going to create one (let alone activating the one that i have created before..) It's ok then.

Yes, PP has one, Kam has...even mr ID and Fakh have theirs. ER has his (surprise surprise MR!). And yes...i think everybody has theirs! Kam has lots of new connections via his fb.

I am not going to find mine via fb, definitely...although Fen did suggest me to do that (i think he's mad at me of not having my fb!)

Nevermind.. but do i have to??

P/S:Oh, i did enjoy my lunch with Kam. We sat at the bar counter (a la SATC) due to the fact that it's full house today. Enjoy the pics...and of course, we are talking about relationship. ha ha!

Xmas Eve

Dear Beautiful readers,

Such a lovely day! :-) It's that a pretty good feeling on a day off? well...let's make it in such a way that, while you are on leave, please utilise it with a set of interesting activities!
Yesterday, I met ER for a movie day-out (Avatar, fyi!). I am not really a big fan of this, sci-fi,fantasy related movie but due to the fact that the rating is good, then I thought...why not give a try? Ended up, hmm...i couldn't really appreciate it...of course,the effect, the visual is so damn good...but it's not ME :-)

I shot to PRADA later to get that small leather wallet that I have been aiming for. Yes, i got it! but the salesman (in Malaysia particularly) of these boutiques are still acting in such an "unfriendly manner" as compared to other states outside Malaysia. As if their "gaji" is more...go and fly your own kite lah! :-) Whatever...

At night, I met Mr ID for the finalization of the quotation, together with Fakh and his friend. Can't wait for the actual work to be started! We had dinner cum drinks at this Studio Cafe of Zahid AF in Wangsa Maju. Nice ambience, but the food was so-so..

Had a great day yesterday.Hopefully today will be the same...:-)

P/S; Plan today nak buat "house cleansing", time to get rid of old those old stuff and bad feng shui!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Dear Beautiful Readers,

Yes!! It's the year end and luckily, this year it's slightly "different" from the past years, with too many long weekends (although not going anywhere, but it's a "free" day off!)

Aku dah start cuti today. Until New Year. But my boss said to me that i have to be on "standby mode". Well...i'll be in KL, not out of the city. Fullstop.

For the past few days, i "rarely" stay back at work, probably i have become "more productive" as compared to before? So sempatlah balik umah awal & melayan drama2 kat TV3. The drama "Cinta Balqis" @ 6 pm, Monday - Thursday, nice OST indeed :-)

P/S: Let's plan something..hehheheh. Hassan? Balqis? Which one is better? heheheh

Monday, December 21, 2009

Let's hit Orchard Road - Shopping!

Dear Beautiful readers,

I managed to grab some "best deals" while in Singapore last weekend (although should buy some sports shoes at Queensway..). The shopping experience in Singapore was marvellous, with malls hopping from one to another (dizzy feeling pun ada!).Here are the best deals that I got!

a) 50% Markdown of PRADA shoes (Singapore has better selections than those in KL stores)

b) BALLY Gladiator Sandals (once endorsed by GQ Magazine) - Another 50% off!
c) MUJI stationeries (Pity there's no MUJI stores in KL)

d) Souvenirs for family members and friends

The Colourful "Temasek"!

Dear Beautiful readers,

Let's enjoy the colourful piccies of Singapore. It's the Asian version of London (i think!).
A nice weekend trip indeed, although it's quite tiring.

Overall, it's worth it!

P/S: A clean city indeed, but I feel like i am in Manila on Sunday! Go figure!
Sentosa Island? I didn't go to Sentosa, nanti trip probably!