Sunday, August 3, 2008

Peanut Butter & Jam toast!

Dear pretty readers,

Hmm...a gentle reminder, the title of this particular post is not that relevant to the first few of the paragraph below. Wait ya and u'll see why..

Another hectic day yesterday. Woke up at 7ish and had to rush for my appointment at the care service centre.
Managed to grab few breads and buns for the breakfast and off to go.

As usual, I know that I'll always take quite sometimes, and yes...I have to spend my bloody 3 hours at the place (i am not complaining, but I had done my earlier research that I have to be prepared to face the boredom). Here are the things that i brought:

1) Saturday newspaper
2) Books & Magazines
3) A mobile phone (of course, time to sms-ing *grins*)
4) Last but not least, an iPod

As a result, the customer service executive gave me some gifts (I didn't get any during my previous visits), as follows:

1) An umbrella
2) A petite torch lite
3) A board game (i like!)

Right after that, I rushed to the office to assist my staff for the usual, expected month-end tasks ;-(


Back to the main title. Last night S brought me the Peanut Butter & Jam toast for my supper. S knew that I haven't had my dinner (yet! it's kinda late anyway) so he reached home around almost 1 a.m.

An interesting individual I can say and I was really engaging my conversation with him (S, honestly dear I love having that intellectual & stimulating conversation with u, to name a few!) Gosh, we ended up talking up till the wee hours of 4.45 a.m. And I guess, I can "click" with him..Very difficult to find this kind of people in my area, other than AS (I knew him since i moved here, but now he's in KL and he's difficult..;-)

A lovely evening / morning indeed. I will treasure that!

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