Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sakit Gusi!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's quite painful, in a slow-torturing manner!

Realized that my gum was aching since last nite while talking to S. I told him and he suggested me to goggled a salt water (where to find salt at 1 o'clock in the morning?)
Anyway, I continued sleeping and woke up with a cramped leg! Argghh!

A sign was it? gum continued aching!

Today was the last day of the course, it was quite fun and we were kind of "couldn't-care-less- anymore" about the course, in a way and just go with the flow. Even managed to gossip about Wan Nor Azlin (why all of sudden keluar cerita pasal dia during our tea-break?) with Em, Lee & Aida.

Again, about the sakit gusi. ER told me to get Panadol Actifast, as it works for him (and it might work for me too!) Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get the Panadol Actifast at the hotel's convenient store (the salesgirl offered me the normal Panadol instead). It worked, but I would like to try the Panadol Actifast. Probably will get it tomorrow in KL.

It's me all alone at the hotel as all my coursemates left for their respective destinations. Ordered food from the room service and it looks like this:

Kira kenyang lah jugak...janji aku boleh makan ubat later!

P/S: Time to pack my things...

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