Sunday, October 25, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

I have seen the movie.

And yes, of course, one of the big fans of the series.

The best part in the movie that I like most was when Miranda called Carrie (who was sleeping at that time) while people are partying on the New Year's Eve. And both of them were alone at home.

While Miranda at home (counting down, alone), it's such a sweet gesture from Carrie to come over to Miranda's house.

That's what a friend is for, kan?


Dear Beautiful Readers,

Saturday nite. At home again.

And it's TV time (eh...i am not a couch potato ok? Heheh)

Flipping thru' the channels, yes, it's the Sehati Berdansa Season 3.'s too early to judge but it does look like the participants are more "hip" as compared to those in previous seasons (not saying that those participants in previous seasons are not hip enough, but the first impressions count!)

My vote? Hmm...i like Sazzy & Naz and Didie & Isham. Dira? Heheh...I only like her style, she's hip!. The rest...i would like to reserve my comments. Sein? Of course, from my first impression, he'll the best male dancer (as compared to the rest).

Isma & Zul? (Ermm...thanks to sms kut? NO offence to their fans...but...ermm...i shall rather not say it here! haha)

Enot? Yeah...u go girl!

The rest i think...well, this show is similar to popularity contest (well in Malaysia lah!). So u know what I am going to say kan? hehehe

But i'm not the judge let the people decide..:-)

What Say You?

Dear Beautiful Readers,

This particular posting might not be that "hot from the oven" as it was already been the talking points for most people since Friday night. But whatever it is, I would like to jot down my own opinion on this particular issue.

For the past few years, this thing has become my "bread and butter" as my boss would ask me to arrange a session - i.e. "let's-sit-in front of-the TV" kinda thing and watch the budget commentary. And of course, I was the one who had to do the summary report, right after the PM (at that point of time) finished the speech, sent the summary to my ex-boss and other bosses (although it did look useless as for sure the next day news would do the full coverage, but I took it as a learning step --> chewah!)

Enough on that..what do you think about this year's budget?
1) Income Tax - Reduction from 27% to 26% for income above RM 100,000 (Ermm...i don't it covers the majority of Malaysians as "not many" Malaysians earn more than RM 100k per year! Including me!)
2) Tax Incentive @ Iskandar Malaysia (Errr...shall we go and find job there then? :-))
3) Tax relief for broadband subscription of up to RM 500 (Not bad eh..kena simpan receipt betul2 nih!)
4) RM 1 billion - enhance the efficiency of police force. (Err...hopefully there will be improvement!)
5) 1st class students' National Higher Education Corporation loans will get their loan converted into scholarships (ermm..this should have been done earlier ago. Many major corporations who sponsored students had done this conversion thingy since 10 years back, if i may recall during my yesteryears!)
6) Personal relief - increased from RM 8k to RM9k (I don't think it's still sufficient, but better than nothing!)
7) EPF & Insurance relief - from RM 6k to RM 7k (also not enough...ermm, but again, better than nothing!)
To name a few..
But overall, I guess the Government has done their best (and the people in EPU as well..)
Let's see...what's the impact like eh?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I wish..

Dear Beautiful readers,

Sorry for the long silence, been a bit busy since last Monday.
Esok Herry datang, so i have asked him to meet me near the office instead. Senang balik keje, terus balik ngan aku since he'll be arriving later in the evening...just nice, right on time.

Anyway, forget about Herry. He's coming to KL for the PETRONAS Moto GP thingy kat Sepang, and he's going with friends...not with me!

P/S: I wish he's like before. Dia "dulu" is better than dia "sekarang"...

Sunday, October 18, 2009


"You can dance, you can jive,
Having the time of your life..
See that girl, watch that scene,
dig in the dancing queen..."

Dear Beautiful readers,

Yesterday evening, i did something "crazy" (i have done it before but haven't got a chance to do that again..). But well..before that,'s the raya gathering / open houses again of my colleagues.
Selagi raya tak abis, selagi tuh laa ada open house..

But I am not complaining..

And right after that, me with my ex-colleagues - Rin, SAO, E & G, it's the karaoke time again!
Dah lama dah tak buat benda2 nih...or probably I just wanted to let go something "in my mind" currently. I didn't want to question that "person", I have no rights whatsoever though...but that person CHANGED a lot!

ANyway....arrived home at the wee hours, 2 o'clock. I had so much fun! ;-)

P/S; Lalalalalalalalaalalalallalallalalalalaal....."selamat ulang tahun sayang, lalalalal" Please don't stop the music!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tengok Wayang..

Dear Beautiful readers,
It's been ages since my last visit to cinema, where I watched "He's not that into you" with Fen @ Pavi.
Fen invited me to join him again for another movie nite again (I should have gone to the open house of ARAB's friend but couldn't make it).

So Fen decided that we watched Papadom that night (it's on Friday nite i.e. last nite, at this point of writing) so I bought the ticket from home. And to my surprise, he bought another ticket for another film - 500 days of Summer (I was the one who recommended to him instead of us watching Papadom!)

In a way, it's sort of like we were having a movie marathon last nite..which ended up at 2 a.m.
Cut this short, here are my reviews:


Not bad for a Malay movie. Nowadays, Malay movie is different, very open and brings wonderful messages to audiences indeed. Personally, I think this movie should be shown during Father's day especially. (but everyday should be a father/mother's day kan?)
Part2 akhir tuh, aku teringat gak kat Abah aku. Isks! :-(

Out of 5 stars, I think I'll give 3.8 stars to this movie.


A cute couple (a couple? haha) i.e. a cute combination, both the leading actor and actress (I couldn't really recall their name, but the actor was in the series, 3rd Rock from The Sun, yeah..that cute guy!). The message? Well...put less expectation, as good things might come to u later (although a lil' bit too late? Hmm...I wonder!)

Unexpected, cool ending too...
Ermm..out of 5 stars, I think this movie deserves a 4.3 stars!

P/S: What's next? Keje banyak nak kena buat nih...

Telek Tangan..

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's a long weekend this week and I am pretty sure that most of us have their own plans and activities. As of now, I've got nothing much to do and probably will attend to the open houses events that I have been invited to, which are most of them are my colleagues.

Last Thursday, after work, I went out with my ex-colleague, M. Cut it short, she's good at all this "telek", fortune telling and whatsoever. I wasn't sure where did she learn all this, I tend to agree some of her responses or "telekan", but yet all these are coming from Allah. Kalau setakat nak suka2 tuh, boleh laa kut..

But it does make sense sometimes, which have made me confuse...

And she started to "telek" my palm, and the outcome were as follows:

a) She said that I'll "kahwin lambat" and a loyal partner (married once only kut? haha) but eventually will have a one affair (what kind of affair?)

b) She said that I'll like to hug pillows (bantal kecik ke...bolsters ke..any kind of bantal), shows that I am the affectionate type! Grrrrrrrrrr!!

c) Career line? Hmm..a steady career, cuma in the middle of the "line" looks like there's an end. A quit? An unpaid leave? Own Business? i don't know..

d) A healthy lifestyle (insyaAllah, takde sakit teruk2)

e) Sometimes having a stressful life... (i hate this..)

f) Someone who is industrious and hardworking (betul ke? kut!)

g) Wisdom line? Yes...independent and can make my own decision ( far so good, dah tua kan..mestilaa independent!)

That's all I can recall, but I guess she's coming back to me for another unreveal information. Hahaha!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Should I cry?

Dear Beautiful readers,

Should I cry?

It's damn difficult...i don't know why.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Bloody Obvious!

Dear Beautiful readers,
Thank God it's still an off day.

Like the other normal people, I enjoy my weekends, although it might not be full of "happening" activities, but at least...this is the only time for me to rejuvenate.

No more raya gathering, weddings, open houses.

And I have decided to pay a "visit" to the mall, just to kill my time..
Today, i am 31 years and 1 mth old. And I have decided to "celebrate" it. Bought the cupcakes @ Cupcake Chic

And the guy who man the counter started the conversation with me..
The Guy: Sorang je bang. Shopping?
Me: Hmm (dalam hati aku, can't u see that i am ALONE?). No laa...takde shopping, just killing time.
The Guy: The cupcakes...for birthday?
Me: Yeah..
The Guy: Nak lilin tak?
Me: It's OK (it'll be charged anyway, i guess..)
The Guy: Ok. Hmm..penah try cupcake chic sebelum nih ke?
Me: Yeah...Damansara
The Guy: The Curve?
Me:Ha'ah (Banyak pulak budak nih tanya...but takpe laa, tak salah pun kan)
The Guy: Ok bang..Here's the change
Me: Thanks

I don't mind though if he struck the conversation with me. There's nothing wrong.
Probably I wasn't really in the mood to be that "friendly" after seeing a number of "lovely" kaum kerabats in Tangs with the other half. Makan hati and started comparing...

Sad huh?
Ah..nevermind. As stated by Templar in the Rules of Love, you shouldn't be down if you're not chosen by particular someone because of look itself, and look itself is very subjective and you should be proud of yourself.
Complicated eh?
Other than that, I bought a pajama pants at cheap price. (lama dah tak pakai pajama pants...) and later followed by dinner (skrang nih aku suka dinner awal, kul 7 dah dinner...senang skit kan?)

Tinggalkan aku

Tinggalkan Aku

Katamu cinta t’lah tiada
Sendiri aku menahan pedih ini
Hilang semua rasa, habis begitu saja
Untuk bersama buat selamanya

Katamu dia yang lebih sempurna
Dialah dijiwa, Dia nafas asmara
Bisikan kata-kata akhirmu itu
Menusuk jiwaku
Kini kau datang untuk kembali

Pergi sudah tinggalkan aku
Ku tak ingin engkau ada
Kembali lagi kedalam
Cerita hidupku ni
Kubahagia tanpa dirimu
Biar begini adanya aku (karna)
Pergilah dari hidupku
Tanpamu kutemukan sinarnya

Bisikan kata akhirmu itu
Menusuk jiwaku
Kini kau datang untuk kembali
Padaku lagi

Bridge:Usah lagi kau guris hatiku
Ku tak mahu lagi
Merasakan hadirmu dalam duniaku

P/S: tiada kena mengena antara hidup & mati

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hoodie untuk Herry

Dear Beautiful readers,

Yeah..yeah, i know, it's been a while since I have posted my last posting.I didn't feel like writing though, although got few things to be updated. Nevermind's outdated anyway!

For the past few days, activities were mainly related to work (and open houses and raya gatherings, of course!)

Been to my two new fellow countrymen houses' for open house etc etc. Accompanied ARAB to the cosy place I have ever since (pricey too I guess!)

At this point of writing, I have had my breakfast and lunch, stopped here and there, accompanied ARAB to an interesting songket entreprenuer, exploring new things etc.

Later that, after sending ARAB to his home, I shot off to KLCC to claim a complimentary sample of D&G at ISETAN, but based on my previous experiences those people who man the counter are not as friendly as compared to those of Parkson. They said there were no more samples but based on his look, it looked like he has put some kind of judgement on me (as if I couldn't afford to buy one..hahah!).Probably because i didn't really dress up i.e. aku pakai sempoi je since went out with ARAB for breakfast etc.

People in Malaysia generally like to judge based on outer attributes. Whatever..
The title? Arghh...It's a hoodie for Herry. Yes. he's been asking for that since I was in my hometown.

So I checked out for that at TOPMAN and managed to get one (and two cheap baseball tshirts for me!).
P/S; Who's Herry? Hahaha..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fantasi OR Realiti?

Dear Beautiful readers,

Aku bingung lagi.

Ntah laa.

Perasaan nih "seasonal" bak kata mat salleh. Kadang2 aku compare dgn org yang lebih "bernasib baik".
Why them? Why not me?

Aku masih berfantasi. Bilakah aku akan berada dlm realiti atau mengalami perasaan ini dalam realiti.
Biar masa menentukan?

Arghhh..tak mungkin!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

Sepi hati. Terjadi lagi.
Mungkin sampai mati aku sepi.

Aku serba salah.

Dilema. Bingung.