Friday, August 1, 2008


Dear beautiful readers,

It's Friday night and I am at home, killing time watching TV. Sad huh? Arrived home around 9 p.m. It's the nature of my work where normally I am quite occupied with bountiful tasks at the end and early of every month.

And suddenly..there is this trailer of a new malay series called GODA. Looks interesting..
Will be first aired on 14th August 2008 @ 8TV

Check this out!

P/S: Actually aku nak taruk the GODA's poster, tapi tak jumpa when I google-ed!


Anonymous said...

salam bro

thanks for your advised on my wordpress


Okabe said...

GODA. cant wait also.

just passing by ur blog

PakciQue said...

Yup...sebuah cerita sangat yang hangin tu...kenapa lah perlu bertindan dengan kekasihku seru..

apa-apa pun, catch my post about GODA. Update weekly for every episode.