Monday, August 4, 2008

A compliment from Daddy

Dear beautiful readers,

It's Monday.

And without emphasising more, I would say that most of us really hate Monday.

I don't really hate "hate" Monday though, but i didn't know why things didn't really seems to be right this morning, especially when I realised that something wrong with our July financial report.

Arghhh! Not again!

I didn't want to kill the mood, so i just smiled and didn't really want to freak my staff out. Well..things should be no problem, I can say.

And i thought of calling mum, and thinking of S. Always... since last Saturday ;-)
But anyway...stop daydreaming Darcy!

I went to see Daddy (my big boss) and discussed / explained to him on our Company's performance. And first time ever he complimented me (directly and I really flattered, and it goes something like this):

Me: Boss, our NPBT for this month is tremendously high as compared to previous months.

Daddy: Well that's good then

Me: Basically, it's contributed by the higher sales revenue, thanks to the price of the product in the market.
You can actually see the movement from last month's NPBT to this month's, the increase is almost in tandem with the increase in the sales revenue.

Daddy: Yeah, it is. This is a good news. The production and sales volume is OK.

Me: Yeah, we really take the advantage of the bullish trend of the market price.
Oh by the way, the auditor is going to send the engagement letter on the verification process for xxx.
Once we received the letter, I'll pass it to you and at the same time I'll prepare the relevant paperwork to be sent back to xxx so that the committee can proceed with the award a.s.a.p.

Daddy: Now you are thinking like a true businessman, really. We gonna have golfing session with xxx people, so we can discuss about this matter with them. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it

Me: Thanks boss, I really have to act that way anyway.

And there it goes. I smiled sampai telinga...;-) Alhamdulillah.

P/S: NPBT = Net Profit before Tax. xxx is another major player in Malaysian business.

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