Sunday, August 31, 2008


Dear Beautiful readers,

I know this is a bit outdated, but I'm always looking for a copy of the Indonesian version of movie CINTA.
And I got it yesterday!

For those who haven't seen the movie, here is the synopsis:

Here are Nugroho and Lestari who are to meet by accident in their later years of their life. Nugroho suffers from Alzheimer and Lestari with her affection for him accepts Nugroho’s condition.

Here is Rama, a young man who works in a printing company, and Iin who is assisted by Rama in search of her lover in Jakarta. They have almost the same past, this brings them together and makes them strong in search of their Future.

Here are Tere and Awin. A successful writer who meets a shop attendant in a bookstore and falls in love with him. As he is worried that love has finally arrived, she opens his eyes saying that love does not have to have boundaries.

Here are Gilang and Miranda, a young couple in their eight year of marriage with their daughter Icha, an Autistic child who needs both her parents around for her needs. Besides the fact that Gilang and Miranda have to accept the fact that their marriage is having a problem. Finally Gilang lets go of Miranda only to find his true love in what is a surprise to him.

Here are Restu and Dinda. A college student with a happy go lucky nature who falls in love at the first sight of Dinda. Even though their meeting is short and Dinda leaves forever, their love stays and doest die.

As Fate brings them all together, in the hustle and bustle of Jakarta, they meet in the corners of their lives which is filled with surprises, being led by something that has been said to be blind but as a matter of fact it has eyes that us humans do not own …LOVE
P/S: By the way, I always love J.A.K.A.R.T.A...
Hope to go there again

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