Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wishful Thinking?

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Had a short disagreement with one of my colleagues, who used to be my superior.
It's not really an argument...I can say it's more to some miscommunication arised recently.

Actually, i knew her style. Kak N will keep telling the no-so-true story to other people and will exaggerate whatever she can to some extent. And I knew her game.


It's not really an office politic though but's more to blaming other people. I am not alone anyway..;-)

Later in the evening, I did ask Elle on my next movement. She did reveal that I might be tramsferred to the division that I haven't even dreamt of! ;-) Hope it will come true..

Anyway, my future boss (another offer, from different division) called me this morning to arrange for a "casual chit chat session" where he wants to meet me in KL next week.
Wish me luck!

P/S: Best things will come for those who wait!


cd said...

Good luck....for your chit chat.. :)

Iskandar said...

best of luck in your chit chat...hopefully you will come back to the metropolitan life that you have been dying to explore further, finally...