Sunday, April 26, 2009

Super Sunday!

Dear Beautiful Readers,

It's the time again. It's Sunday.
Tomorrow's Monday (it's not rocket science...I know that all of u are already aware of this)

So why I am telling this? Well..probably I want to state the fact that time moves swiftly nowadays. You think that u just enjoyed your weekends and all of a sudden "the new weekends" came and greeted you.
Love it huh? happened to me. I did have bloody good weekends for the past two weekends!

And it this point of writing, I just came back from KLCC as Kam invited me for lunch and we had a nice lunch at CPK.

And guess what? I couldn't stop myself from getting the things that I have been waiting before (since yesterday...tak banyak beza pun hari!)

a) A wallet and matching belt (and I'll definitely get that messenger bag one fine day!)

b) A tie (Thanks to the vouchers..)


P/S: Oh by the way, I miss you (you know who you are...)

He's Just not That into You! - Part 3

Dear Beautiful readers,

Do you have ever experience these kind of moments such as..

a) You text-ed someone but he/she couldn't ever bother to reply (or if he/she do reply, it's just a mere YES/NO/OK?)

b) You are waiting for some response from a person that you have met / or longing to hear from him or her but all you got were nothing / (or some cold responses?)

c) You were shocked / surprised with some "too good to be true" responses from a person / (persons) who rarely being nice to you?

Well...I can say that...he's (or she's) not that into YOU!

So just moved on...

P/S: I really treasured some wonderful moments especially if people who really understands me. Thanks peeps!

He's Just not That into You! - Part 2

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Z text-ed me in the morning..

Z: Jom ke Pavi petang nih!
Me: Sure, why not?

I know that if Z asked me out, then we'll be doing something interesting? Another round of therapy I guess?
Heheheheh...evil knivel! ;-)

Met Z at Pavi around 3ish. He's wearing that new pair of shoes. Hahah...suited him well, and well coordinated definitely.And we nearly splurged ourselves with the "things"...hahah, thank God I was sane enough to think that I can get something better (although I can't wait for that new "thing" and splurged myself with something that mum asked me to buy for Abah! P/S: I'll buy u "that thing", InsyaAllah..)

ER joined us for dinner and we had our "din-din" at Madam Kwan's. And later that nite, finally I managed to go for the movie and watched "He's not that into you"!

And it's sooOOooo bloody true (now u know eh?). And the film does make sense..and of course, I would like to recommend this to whoever keep questioning their relationship etc etc. Does it work? Does it not work? Whatever...
I definitely love this movie and don't mind watching it again!

Bought a couple of shirts from Zara and some books..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jatuh Cinta?

Dear Beautiful Readers,

At some point, i know that some of you guys penah jatuh cinta.
It's tough kan? Probably it's just us that only fall in love with other party...

But the other party? God knows..

But how?

It's hard to express feelings sometimes.. Kalau cakap, kang susah...tak cakap pun susah..
It's a dilemma to some people.

Or is it just a mere risk?

Sometimes, I think you need LUCK in this love department.
P/S: Been there, done that..But the outcome? God Knows... (i am not sighing..)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Telek Tarikh Lahir..

Dear Beautiful readers,

One of my girlfriends did ask me one fine day..

A: Eh...when is your bday?
Me: 11th Sept 1978
A: What a date! ;-)
Me: Kalau tak ingat jugak tak tau ahh..
A: Jap...I want to telek nasib u..

And here are the results:

Pelakon-Golongan ini mempunyai kebolehan untuk menghiburkan orang lain.Mereka sangat penyayang dan pemurah.Dengan daya tarikan yang ada, mereka tidak mempunyai masalah untuk berkawan dengan sesiapa jua dan pada mereka tiada sesiapapun yang dianggap asing kepada mereka.Mereka mempunyai personaliti yang pelbagai sehingga menyukarkan orang sekeliling mereka untuk memahami mereka.Mereka umpama binatang sumpah-sumpah yang boleh berubah dan menyesuaikan diri mengikut persekitaran.Mereka mempunyai nasib yang sangat baik tetapi juga boleh menderita akibat terlalu bergantung kepada nasib dan perasaan (mood). Untuk berjaya golongan ini perlu membina landasan kasih sayang.

Another one...
Bulan kelahiran Islam anda adalah pada 8 Syawal 1398 Hijrah iaitu jatuh pada hari Isnin.
Maksud : Diambil daripada perkataan yang membawa maksud, apabila unta betina bunting. Ketika nama bulan ini diberikan, lazimnya unta betina bunting pada ketika itu.
Sifat : Mempunyai perwatakan dan hati yang keras. Anda tidak suka dikalahkan oleh orang lain. Hal ini membahayakan hidup anda. Oleh itu, ibu bapa anda perlu mendidik anda dengan betul bagi menghilangkan tabiat buruk anda itu. Jika tidak kehidupan anda akan menjadi susah kerana perangai keras hati, dan selalu bergaduh terutamanya dalam hal mencari rezeki.

The second "telek"...hmm, I am a bit curious. It doesn't look true at all.
It sounds very negative.
It doesn't sound ME.'s just a telek nasib..yang baik kita kekalkan, yang tak elok...cuba jauhkan ;-)

P/S: Missing someone...


Dear Beautiful readers,

I did a bloody crazy thing yesterday with Z. Thanks to Z for accompanying me for the therapy.
It's kinda crazy, but i m kinda love it..Haven't done this before though.


P/S: Hmm...another round of trip then with RM 180 vouchers? haha

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beli Beli..

Dear Beautiful readers,
I was supposed to go to the office today (got something to be settled, but actually I can do this on Monday though..) but unfortunately I forgot to bring my pass and there's no point of me driving back home just for the sake of taking that bloody pass!
Instead, i continued my "journey" and had a hair cut which has been postponed for the past 2 weeks. Now i feel a bit "clean"...hahah
And as expected, the day won't be complete without a lil' bit of shopping therapy. U know me.. ;-)

The monthly "bibles"...

Best Buy HUGO BOSS - RM 250 for 150 ml, with two 200 ml Shower Gel, what a deal! TWO!!

50% less of this pair of shoes original price, cheap!

30% less for each shirt..worth buying!

And last but not least, "sweet treats" from The Loaf

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

Nothing much that i can update.

Went to More's lunch farewell at Zu's house. Nice place but tight security.
We chatted and talked...and one of the gossips was about the "PLUs" at work...

Aku dah agak dah...

I just keep my mouth shut. Don't want it to be so bloody obvious..

Rest of the days...i just resting at home. It was raining anyway during the weekends..

Hahaha...surprise2, right after and the boys went for a movie - Jangan Tegur!
I don't know why we chose's not that scary for me, but with the sound effect like kinda scary though. But if u want me to compare with Jangan Pandang Belakang...then this Jangan Tegur is much more scarier (the hantu is more real..)

Busy day at work. Strengthening relationship with other counterparts in other division, and i like it!
Petang tadi aku balik awal skit....another shopping spree :-) (lama tak shop2)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Padamu KuBersujud..

Dear Beautiful readers,

AH ada kasik lagu nih kat aku a few weeks ago. Tetiba aku terdengar balik..

Ku menatap dalam kelam
Tiada yang bisa kulihat
Selain hanya namaMu, ya Allah

Esok ataukah nanti
Ampuni semua salahku
Lindungi aku dari
Segala fitnah

Kau tempatku meminta
Kau beriku bahagia
Jadikan aku selamanya
HambaMu yang selalu bertaubat

Ampuniku ya Allah
Yang sering melupakanMu
Saat Kau limpahkan karuniaMu
Dalam sunyi aku bersujud

Esok ataukah nanti
Ampuni semua salahku
Lindungi aku dari
Segala fitnah

Kau tempatku meminta
Kau beriku bahagia
Jadikan aku selamanya
HambaMu yang selalu bertaubat
Ampuniku ya Allah

Yang sering melupakanMu
Saat Kau limpahkan karuniaMu
Dalam sunyi aku bersujud

Kau tempatku meminta
Kau beriku bahagia
Jadikan aku selamanya
HambaMu yang selalu bertaubat
Ampuniku ya Allah
Yang sering melupakanMu
Saat Kau limpahkan karuniaMu
Dalam sunyi aku bersujudPadaMu

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jadi Ketua..

Dear Beautiful readers,

Bunyi title cam best je ek?
It's easier said than done.
It's tough.

It's full of challenges.

From top, to bottom. From right to left. From North to South.


"Aku tak garang cam dia!"

I take it as a challenge since I moved here. Have to carry that as "amanah". Put your commendable effort, and don't expect nice things to come all the way, always.

I am sure that I am fine.


Hope that big boss aku pun paham...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthdays!

Dear beautiful readers,

I just realized that I got three friends who shared the same birthday (which is this coming weekend actually) - AS, ER and RM.

I managed to meet AS for early dinner cum early birthday celebration.Bought something for him fromKinokuniya. He came this morning from the northern state, got something to be settled in KL. It's just a mere coincidence, so we met in KLCC and had dinner at Little Penang Cafe.

Happy Birthday AS, semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki.

Meanwhile, I was feeling a bit drowsy this morning at work. Probably it's because of the Monday blues? (dah lama tak kena Monday blues nih...hehe)

I can feel that this week will be another tough week. But i just go along with that, play the game and go with the flow..

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

Yeap, if looking at the trend, it looks like there's only 1-2 entry per week.
And I don't deny that..

Pretty much busy, and probably there's nothing much interesting news to be updated. :-(

As a summary, here are the updates for the whole week:

1) Kam finally managed to persuade me to join him to the trip in Bangkok this coming May, yay!!
2) I managed to assist two of my friends to get through their assessment.
3) Volunteering myself to man the booth during the recent accounting careers' fair at Mid Valley.

4) Bought some books...hahahah...i'm loving it!

5) Mentally tiring appraisal time...*sigh*