Friday, August 8, 2008

Mr Dopey

Dear Beautiful readers,

I didn't update anything last night, probably due to the fact that:
1) I have nothing to talk about ; OR
2) I am just plain lazy!

Anyway, I did read ER's blog. Wow! Now i'm loving the blog more...
See, you have the talent laa dude, keep it up!

Nevertheless, I couldn't really sleep last night as S was kinda disappointed with me. FYI, I didn't meet S for the past two nights. Deep in my heart, I really miss him..

I do..
I really do, S... You that I really mean it!

I am sorry...I know there is a border line.

Well...I have to go. Have to do some packing as I'll be leaving for KL tomorrow afternoon and will not be at work for almost 2 weeks! S going to see me again shortly.

Take care everyone.

P/S: Before writing this blog, I went out for dinner with S. Such a lovely, dopey eyes...

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