Friday, December 31, 2010

Auld Lang Syne!

Dear Beautiful readers,

I seriously love this youtube clip. Enjoy...
P/S: In line with the New Year's celebration...

Happy New Year 2011

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's the time again! Wishing everyone a happy new year and many happy returns!

How crazy the year will be (especially for me), i am hoping and praying that I can face the challenges, no matter what.

I will not bore you guys with a long list of new year resolutions, definitely (i will keep it to myself, he he he..)

Take care everyone!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Di Ambang 2010

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Hi! it's me again, yes, Me!
What? tak ingat? hmm... sorry for the long silence. Blame the work. Blame the wrong timing.
Blame me! :-)

Whatever it is, pejam celik pejam celik, it's almost the end of 2011. And yes, I think I should take this opportunity to write down what has happened during the 366 days of the year (was 2010, a leap year?)

Hmm...cut it short, let me summarise the happenings, as per the following headings:

a) Work / Career
it was quite a tough time, and yes, my position has been confirmed. This means that I was no longer doing the "charity work" i.e. i have been compensated accordingly based on my position. I have been for the confirmation for almost a year and half but due to some paperworks etc, it was prolonged to some date (and yes, with beautiful increment too!) Yeah, people think that we are still underpaid, but I am not complaining but in fact, i think this is just fate, and more will be coming, InsyaAllah.

Work wise? Hmm...a very challenging year instead (although I think 2o11 will be much more challenging but I have tasted the challenges earlier - the restructuring, the ad hoc activities, the reshuffling of activities, u name's all there, in the pocket of the boss(es). But i won't blame anybody, as there's always light at the end of the tunnel (or is it the train that turning back using the tunnel since it was in the wrong direction, scary!)

I have tasted the late nights at work, working during weekends consecutively (no rest, kinda...sad eh?)

Conclusion: Bigger role, bigger responsibilities!

b) Love department.
Hmm...tough one. I don't what to be elaborated here. But I did have my fair share in this department. Although it's not really love per se, but i do feel good (i.e. the good feelings, in my own world. Org melayu kata "berangan") I thought I had that cinta Ramadhan again. (cinta bulan ramadhan, but sangkaan ku meleset..maybe aku lambat bertindak, chett!)

And well..yes, i did also had a fair share of bad experience. Another threat(s) from immature "kiddo", who didn't really know the real story and also some people that cannot be trusted? why? this life, i better watchout. But i am still hoping that love will be waiting for me in 2011. InsyaAllah..

c) Money, Money, Money!
Hmm...tough one. Sekejap ada, sekejap takde. Probably I am still bad at managing my finances.
Simpan2, kejap2 gali balik...kejap2 kambus balik..Hmm, macam2.
I did also spend on some unnecessary "things"...but well, the damages have been done :-)
Shoes? yes, i did spend on some...couldn't resist...
Plan for 2011? Have to be more discipline! (Note: Aku takde laa sampai tahap perangan cam Rebecca "Becky" Bloomwood of Confession of A Shopaholic...! he he he!)

d) Travel?
Hmm...went to Singapore for the mid year sale (heaven!) and also to Bali in early December (it's a deja vu, i went to Bali on the exact same date that I was supposed to go in the year 2009, but got cancelled of last minute due to some urgent work commitment. Sorry Sid! ;) I went with your bini instead...;)
I was also supposed to leave for London during the xmas week, but i called off the plan earlier due to some last minute "mismanagement of finance". And there's a blessing, the weather is bloody terrible (until now...)

Overall, 2010 is a colourful year indeed (every year has its own colour palette). It's actually up to us to colour it.

I am praying to the Almighty to give me enough strengths to face the challenges (and "threats") in the year 2011, insyaAllah...

Take care everyone!

P/S: Duk kumpul list of New Year Resolutions. Hmm..tapi tak keep track pun. One of them will always be "nak maintain cantik"!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Not at the right state of mind...

Dear beautiful readers,

Yes, i didn't really walk the talk :-(
I thought of managing myself into writing / jotting down few notes on this blog on daily basis...but it's just a mere coincidence that I didn't really have the guts to continue (and sustain..) "interesting" thing happened to me during Diwali weekend.

As usual, for the past few months, I was so tied up with work (i know it sounds boring...but well,'s been very crazy nowadays, working non the extend that i feel i m speechless (and expressionless).

"He came back. Yes, we didn't really have a proper relationship but i still do have feelings on him. But why it's like that famous cookie "skejap takde skejap ada?" whenever that he has problem then he'll come back to me? and with what the other guy did to him badly and he still in deep love with the other guy and DARE to come back to me to share his problem?"

The bottom line that probably i have been used...and my stupidity (and still living in fantasy) makes me feel that I am responsible to assist (to the extend of doing my own ice pack for him to sooth the wound).

He's just not that into you...(enough said!)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm back!

Dear Beautiful readers,

it's been a while. in fact, it's a LONG one! Been running around, like a headless chicken, here and there etc etc.

As a matter of fact, I have been thinking of resuming my blog since past few weeks, but it seems like i couldn't even crafted a single word. Enough said. Period.

As a summary, here are the happenings (past, present and future):

a) Busy, busy, busy (have to lead to different set of teams at work, but i just go with the flow, and not really complaining. I am sure, there's always a blessing!)

b) Turned out to be a coffee drinker (but during the recent week, i haven't had a single coffee at all, yes..that's an achievement!)

c) Feel a bit motivated sometimes at work, probably I have boost up my confidence level (and feels important)

a) Friends? come and go. And yes, i meet a new bunch of friends (not many but i do appreciate their support, in some way or other.) Old friends? yes..well, depends...those with relationships (be it on and off) and those without.

a) Sucks as usual. Why did he come back to me? Bored with the pretty one(s) and yet you dare to come back to ugly duckling?

a) Not planning any major since I have scrapped mine that was planned this coming December (the leave has been approved by my pretty direct boss but well..things might changed -things are getting crazier and crazier at office nowadays)

it's saturday and I am waiting at the car service centre. Yes, it'll take sometimes.
Yeah, i am not complaining..

What should i do next?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hello readers,

It's getting tougher and tougher, day by day at work. Sometimes, i feel so scared, but i managed to get through the day smoothly...

It's kinda love-hat relationship. With work i mean. Not with any tom, dick and harry (refer to my previous posting about "love department")

I keep praying and humbly begging from God to give me strengths to face all the challenges. I am supposed to be on leave tomorrow since my sister's coming to KL. Although it has been approved by my boss earlier, it seems like there are a number of stuff to be handled at work. But i managed to tell my boss that I have to be on leave but will always be ready should they need me at work. (but hope not!)

My anak buahs and sis will be coming tomorrow. Hope everything will be fine.

Have a nice day everybody.

Take care!

Monday, July 19, 2010

What a day!

hello readers,

It's Monday. I was a bit "reluctant" to go to work today. not because i am lazy. (i rarely laze around!) but probably i am kinda scared with the fact that i have to see my big boss but the work hasn't really fully completed yet due to some system problem.

But i just go with the flow.

Ended up she has cancelled the meeting to another date, to be confirmed some other time.
My direct boss kinda freaked out as well. But well...

Anyway, i did my best, and was trying my best to assist my hardworking staffs.

Accidentally met SAO at lunch time and we had lunch (and of course, with gossips! haha..i just listen!)

That's all folks!

P/S: Ya Allah, i humbly beg for your forgiveness and some strengths for me to face all the upcoming challenges! Amin.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

T&Co and Damansara

Hello readers!

Now i'm got very hooked-up with this blog again. Yes, as promised, I am trying my best to make it alive and kickin'.

Ok, let's go back to the story for today. I was about to attend a house warming makan2 session of my new boss' new place in Damansara. I left home for the place slight at 2 p.m., and i wondered why the traffic was kinda bad today (was there any big event). Being unfamiliar with the area (i am familiar, but not that familiar! Note: Damansara is not my "playground").

Cut it short, i made a wrong turning! Ended up driving along DUKE again and feels like going way back to home. Arghhh!

Well..i guess, it's the time. I decided not to turn back and just sent text message to my boss saying that I am sorry (was that easy? hmm..i wonder).

Ended up at KLCC again and it's almost 4. Haven't had my lunch (supposed to have lunch at my boss' place). But hold on...what should I do in KLCC?

Yes, i ended up at Tiffany & Co.

A friendly salesman, it's very rare indeed to find a very friendly and polite salesmen/girls in any boutique in KL, as compared to those stores in Western countries or even nearby neighbouring Asean countries (Singapore especially).

And the conversation with the guy sounded like this,

Me: Excuse me, i am looking for key ring
The salesman: Oh...ok (cue-ing me to follow him to another display), showing those lovely key pendants of Tiffany's trademark.
Me: not this one, the "key ring" (as in key chain..)
The salesman: Oh..ic

And we went to another display and he asked:

The salesman: is it for a guy? Birthday present? I think this one is not suitable to be given to a guy

hahahah! what a statement! What made he come up with such conclusion? did i look like i was looking for a special gift for my special someone? hehe

I just smiled.

Oh..what a day

P/S: Wish me luck tomorrow, I have a feeling that this coming week will be a very busy and hectic week!

It's a COMEBACK time!

Hello readers!

Yeah, it's me (again!). Sorry for the long silence. Sorry for being bloody lazy. Yeah..yeah, it's been quite a while, thanks to FB. So i paid less attention to my blog and left it all by itself, full of cobwebs and becomind duller (is there such word as duller?) haha..

Anyway, so far Alhamdulillah, things went quite well with me - moving to my new crib, stable career (yeah, there were still some issues and challenges, of course), loving family (mum and dad and siblings) but only one thing that I am still lacking of - love. I am suck at my love department, always...

So far it never be on my side (yeah, i did have some short fling, sort of...but it went too quick!) did i meet the wrong person? Was I not good enough for them? I don't know what to say, but the only thing for sure is, i have to improve myself and keep improving, insyaAllah!

I feel quite good of being able to jot some thoughts today, hopefully this blog will keep being alive and kickin'!

My beautiful readers, do keep reading ya? Have a good Sunday!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Malam Pertama!

Dear Beautiful readers,

Yes...i am officially at my new crib, yay! Tonight is my 2nd nite, and thank God I can sleep very well indeed.

Yes, i am totally in love with my new place. Alhamdulillah! :-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Dear Beautiful readers,

Yeah...I would like to apologise for the long silence. Probably there's nothing much to update, or probably blogging is not really the "in-thing" now..People move to FB.

But anyway, i'll still go to my blog, at least once a update!

Cut it short, it's the ANTM season again (i am not as excited as before) but I do enjoy watching it.

My favs? ermm..Let's see:

Jessica (yellow leggings), Brenda (green leggings), Ren (the navy blue leggings, most left).
The rest? i don't might be pretty unpredictable!

Enjoy watching then!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shopping Again..

Dear Beautiful readers,

Aku rasa this month, memang banyak gila pakai's all for my new lovely crib. It's kinda scary (in a way..) but i think, it's OK. I m investing for the future...and I think it's worth it!

Went out to shop some furnitures (and more lamps!).

P/S: Nak kena beli some electrical appliances plak...arghh!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fair or Unfair?

Dear Beautiful readers,

I want to write, but I couldn't.

Have been deleting the same sentences over and over again.

sometimes i think it's unfair to be treated this way. I mean...all of a sudden i feel it's unfair. Or maybe i'm not being grateful enough?

I can't really think wisely now, what to write etc. Pernah tak korang terpikir, why he/she got that.

-tak cukup handsome/cantik kah aku?
-tak cukup pandai kah aku?
-org2 yang lebih "jahat" dari kita, why did they get "fair" treatment?

Why? Why? Why?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Last Minute!

Dear Beautiful readers,

I am not sure whether i can be called as "anal" or not. (if u define the word anal properly and please check the Oxford Dictionary!) :0)

I think, some of us HATE last minute, be it last minute arrangements, meetings, discussions or even dating. It happened to me again yesterday.

I went out for early lunch (not that early though, but about an hour earlier). Didn't really go for lunch i.e. not for makan or huhahuha, but i have to drive to my management office to settle some deposits to move in. And guess what, when I almost reached the place, then my boss' secretary called

Sec: Boss want to see you guys now, urgent! (the way she highlighted sound a bit..urgghhh).

Me being a "loyal" staff, drove back to the office and feeling pretty pissed off. But what to do..
And the meeting overrun until 1.45 (which left me for another 15mins for a quick lunch!)

Had another meeting at 2 0'clock. Definitely a crazy Monday indeed, and feeling a bit dizzy and ended up not going to the gym and went back home instead.

Moral of the story: You can't really plan. There will always be hindrances and challenges! Urghh!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Dear Beautiful readers,

Alhamdulillah, so far so good. Although I think there are still more things to be completed accordingly. So far, it's as per plan. Hope everything goes smoothly, Amin.

"Ya Allah, aku bersyukur kepadaMu di atas segala nikmat yang telah Engkau berikan, Amin ya Rabbal alamin"

P/S: Enjoy the pics folks!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a Productive Day! ("Bare & Naked" - Part Deux)

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Sorry for the long silence, been quite a while (i guess!). Busy with work and the new home..:-)
So yesterday I took the opportunities to settle on my house arrangements (shopping, shopping and shopping!) and accompanied by makan sessions!

Went to IKEA & The Curve with Mr ID, joined by Fakh and AL.Had breakfast with Fakh at PappaRich before picking Mr ID at his home. Seriously I managed to get good bargains especially the electrical appaliances! Far below my budget, love it! When we shot to one of the lamp shops in Sungai Buloh...

a) Nasi Lemak at PappaRich

b) Lunch at IKANO. Licin beb! (camana laa nak turun badan P/S: No...I am not an anorexic!)

c) Let's hit IKEA & Ikano Power Centre! (and Sungai Buloh!)

d) Went back to the city (to send the stuff to the crib and also to pick up Mr ID's car!). Sempat makan again (kempunan makan nasi dagang, but abis!). Having nasi goreng yang tak berapa sedap (aku buat lagi sedap kut..) hehe

e) And all of a sudden, AL invited us to join karaoke. Adus...nyanyi lagi! (nasib baik suara sedap...perasan!)

P/S: Shopping tak abis lagi. Jom!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bare & Naked - Part 1

Dear Beautiful readers,

Yes, finally..
I wouldn't right much, kinda shocked when I look at how beautiful it was.

P/S: Banyak duit nak kena pakai ni, adoi!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kunci & Sarung BB

Dear Beautiful readers,

Like my normal Sunday, I will go out to have my breakfast outside - be it roti canai at mamak, nasi lemak or even latte at any coffee joints.

But something happened..

Jeng jeng jeng!

i couldn't unlock my car right after breakfast! Nak balik rumah pun, kunci rumah dalam kereta (sungguh bijak kan?) So i thought that the locksmith can solve this but they only change the casing, not the inner, transmitter part. So I lingered around, thinking of what to do next!

Takkan nak buat manual kut? Aiyak! Pasal aku tak sure where the button is to stop the alarm.

And all of sudden, i realized that there's the showroom here (thanks to ER!) So i walked there, and thanks to this security guard who willingly assisted me (without any upah, God bless him!) and we did it manually.

Phew, what a day!

And another part was, i lost my BB original leather cover! Arghh!! Probably when i was so busy sms-ing friends, and calling my brother (he's much better in car department, aku cuma tahu basic2 je!) probably i accidentally dropped the cover somewhere between the car or during my "journey" or quest to solve this "unlocking the car" drama!

Aiyoo! bengong tul!

But anyway,'s OK now.


Dear Beautiful readers,

Since "attached" to the facebook, I rarely update my blog, not as "industrious" as before, if i may say. But i shouldn't left my first love of blogging.. Enjoy some photos!

a) Met Mr ID and Mien for the final "touch-up". Love it and I can't wait!

b) Right after that, I accompanied Fakh for a movie at nearby cinema to watch V-Day. Fakh hasn't watched it, he should have watched it with his friend but got last minute cancellation. So being someone responsible, I was willingly accompanied him to watch, although it's my 2nd time. I don't mind..go Kara! :-)

Followed by Maggi Goreng and Roti Boom at nearby mamak. Gila banyak makan! :-)

Have a good Sunday people! Take care

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Dear Beautiful readers,

finally, i'll get the keys on Monday! Basically, i can get it earlier but due to some miscommunication, then it has been postponed until now. Arghh!!

Can't wait...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I feel like writing this! What?

Dear beautiful readers,

I have accidentally read one of the blogs in a friend's blogs collection ( And all of sudden I saw these pics of someone (who I knew before, used to be a "good friend" and later after a few incidents, I think I can call him a friends' snatcher!)

I am not over acting and full of emotions here, but it's more to..."idup lagi budak nih..." long as he's happy.

I have my pretty life too, why do i have to think of him the "friends' snatcher"!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Facebook - Part 2

Dear Beautiful readers,

Nak kata gila...tak gak. Nak kata tak gila...pun tak. Ermm, why eh? But it's ADDICTIVE!
Anyway, while having lunch, I was enjoying myself watching GLEE Marathon.

Love that "I Say a Lil' Prayer" Quinn & friends. (And of course, the reminiscence of My Best Friend's Wedding)

P/S: Tak reti nak upload video :(

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Facebook who? Moi?

Dear beautiful readers,

Finally...i have created mine. haha!

Notting Hill

Dear Beautiful readers,

I have got nothing to do today (at this moment) except flipping thru the channels, having cup of coffee and chillin' at home. No dates, no visits to my chinese friends' houses (rarely people do the visit on first day, they have their own rituals as well!).

All of sudden, one of my favourite films is on TV (almost half way...but nevermind). Let's layan...

It's very appropriate indeed..ha ha ha!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

DVD, Movies & Long Breaks - Part Deux

Dear Beautiful readers,

Right after Laskar Pelangi, I continued with Pisau Cukur and Phobia 2. Thought that Thai horror film was as scary as the trailer, but it's not what as per my earlier thinking. Probably due to the fact that there's no subtitle (as I didn't really understand what they were talking about!) or probably due to the fact that I couldn't really concentrate, probably a bit sleepy!

Fen invited me to join him for a movie, and of course, we watched the current movie 'talk of the town' - the Valentine's Day. Sweet as the title, but pretty predictable. But with the good, talented actors and actress, of course, it's very entertaining indeed.

Me? Hehehe...i think Kara's character (Jessica Biel) suited me most. Hahaha...the "I Hate Valentine's Day Party"...i like that! She looks kinda sexy in the movie. Nice body indeed...
And of course, other settings were beautiful as well - Anne Hathaway & Topher, Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane, Jennifer Garner & Patrick Dempsey, to name a few. Have to get the DVD later, as well! Stars? I'll give 7.5 out of 10 (due to the predictability!)

Then we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK), lapar!

P/S: While waiting for Fen, aku sempat survey2 barang...tempting laa nak beli fridge nih!