Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cluedo Nite!

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Note: This writing was meant for yesterday's happenings i.e. Friday ;)


Another not-so-productive day, but nevertheless, I did manage to complete whatever tasks that I have to do for the day. Probably I am looking forward for the weekend, since I'll be involved in the charity program with the nearby school.

We (me and the team) managed to complete the final preparation for the next day's event, which will be held in one of theme parks in our area. And later that nite, me and the usual suspects (i.e. regular buddies) had our Cluedo nite at the nearby kopitiam.

We used my new cluedo and so far, I am suck in this game and G (thanks to his alertness, wittyness and of course, being so detail! Sorry G!) became the winner of my virgin Cluedo!

P/S: I should have came out with this particular posting last nite (i.e. right after Cluedo) but I was so damn tired and have to wake up early for the charity program the next morning.

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