Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day Offs - Love it!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's another long weekend. Earlier, I was supposed to follow my colleague, Gen to PD for short weekend trip, but knowing the place and (long weekend as well), we didn't manage to book a place in PD. Nevermind, at least I have other things to do in KL.

Friday: It's a replacement leave for Thaipusam. That's what our Company practices. (which..i like!) Went for the "compulsory weekly session" (thanks to Nicole "good marketing strategy", abis duit aku!)

I didn't go to gym on Friday evening instead went for a light dinner with Fakh, Mr ID and friend, and later Mr ID's friend joined us, with his friend (tongue twister eh?). We off for another coffee/tea session at mamak and I reached home about 1.30 a.m

On that Friday nite, all of sudden,this guy (refer to the pic below) appeared in my dream. Unbelievable!! (P/S: Jangan pikir bukan2 ya? nak tahu pasai apa, ask me!)

Saturday: I woke up early but later I fell asleep again. Was thinking of doing some reading but due to the fact that I was in the"deep slumber", i ended up resting and woke up for lunch.
Went to the nearby sports shop for another pair of shoes and i realized that things are getting more expensive. shuttlecock costs about RM 3!! Gila mahal!! One OK? not a can of shuttlecocks. And it's not like those Carlton plastic shuttlecock, it's the feather shuttlecock. Skali pukul, ranap, abis!!

And later I went to 7E to buy mineral waters, and I asked for the plastic bag. Being ignorant, I didn't know that Saturday is a no plastic bag day in my area (i think other areas also currently practising this). That cashier told me if i want a plastic bag, I have to pay 20 cents. Whatever...

Went to gym later and i enjoyed it (although not many people, probably those regulars went for holidays due to long weekend).
And now at home, nak buat apa eh?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kaki sakit!

Dear beautiful readers,

The day turned out very well, although initially i thought I will be "suffered" a bit during the sharing session held at one of the hotels in KL. Thanks to some of the nice colleagues, that I can still can refer to , which are mostly men.

Female colleagues (not all, some are so nice!) are sometimes full of hatred and jealousy. Too much emotions :-)

Anyway, my session at gym turned out to be not-so well. Aku rasa cam nak pengsan and also kaki sakit. Am i stressing myself too much? Ended up finished early as compared to my usual time spend.

Esok aku dah cuti. Yay! Another long weekends. But i'll only be in KL. Next Tuesday baru masuk office!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Direct Je!

Dear beautiful readers,

Nothing much. Cuma tadi i was assisting my staff to handle some training for other branches.
One of the attendees was one of my old acquaintances. Mulut takyah cakap ja!
Probably he feels insecure? Hahah..

Selamba je dia tengok tag aku and said..

"Dulu Hahaha..." <-- straight to my forehead!
Aku senyum

And I told him...I am getting older now, and that's why..
And he said...u and your ISSUES!...

Aku senyum again, dah tahu perangai dia..

That's what happened in the noon. Later in the evening, I was a bit hesitant of whether to go back early or not. I rarely go back early, but since I became one of the 'gym freaks", i tend to go back "earlier" than usual!

Tapi tadi...I followed my instinct. Left office around 1715 hours.
It was OK at the gym (not as good as usual), probably I didn't really stretch myself as I was rushing for the class.

P/S:Badan aku masih sakit kena "dera" ngan PT, but I still persevere...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Running around on Sunday!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's been a while..and I don't know why, probably i am too "busy" with my daily schedule or probably I've got nothing to talk about here. Kalau ada pun, probably the same old, same old..

But anyway, I guess my weekends run quite smoothly..

0900 hours: Breakfast at McD (lama dah tak gi McD for breakfast)

1000 - 1400 hours: Chillin' at home. Reading. TV. P/S: Saw this watch in the mag. Love it..
But the price tag...errm, go figure! (Nantilah, tunggu ada rezeki lebih skit...hehe). And i'm loving that Freakonomics book!

1400 - 1630 hours: Gym. Love it and worth the sweat today!
1630 hours - 1830 hours: Went to Fakh's house, tumpang solat Asar. Went for early dinner with him.

1900 - 2015 hours: Gym again. The PT wanted to finalise the session with me (it's free anyway, so i just accepted it!). Tetiba aku rasa pancit beb! Too much strenuous activities today I guess!

2030 hours: At home. Resting again...alone

P/S: That's all folks. Can't wait for the coming long weekends

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Back!

Dear Beautiful readers,

I am back after the 4 days away from the city :-) I missed my gym :-(

Lots of things that I have learnt. Hope that I can become BETTER! InsyaAllah

Saturday, January 16, 2010

No Topic. It's just a SUMMARY..

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Sorry for the long silence. I do have topics to be shared with and I think I do have time to update the blog, it's just that...probably I am just lazy! haha..

Let's summarise:

a) Kisah Tanggang Moden
I was quite shocked to know about this news. The guy was definitely "ill-hearted". Sanggup dia tinggal bapak dia kat bus stand with the beg pakaian. And also about the parents who have sued the daughter that they have stayed with before, pasal anak tuh sort of "halau" (literally) them as the daughter "mentioned" that gaji dia tak cukup nak tanggung the parents, with the kids some more. Funny kan? Nauzubillah himinzalik..

b) Speed Dating
I met Ern, my old friend/colleague (we were in the same batch, currently working for the same Company. She's cuter now. But anyway, she did forward me an email on Speed Dating!'s now happening in Malaysia. "Hebat" betul Malaysia skrang (especially KL), it's now similar to those cities in the world, especially NYC and London..hahaha!

But I definitely won't go for this speed dating thingy...gila!

c) Health
Alhamdulillah, my frequent visits to the gym within this week(at least 2 hours per day minimum non stop 7 days) are very worthwhile. I feel good. I feel really really good! hehehe..
But i haven't reached the title of "gym freak"! In addition, i think i am getting particularly careful with my eating. No more rice at night time (although I did feel the urge and temptation to eat rice, oh no!!) Only fruits.. (let's get prettier...hehehe!)

I won't be in the city starting tomorrow evening. Will be outstation - Pahang here I come and it'll be for 4 bloody days - no gym probably? (should ask the hotel though...).

I'll be back on Friday. And 4 days working and then another long weekend (thaipusam and FT day). Gen asked me whether I want to follow him to PD for a short weekend break. It'll be fun (but no gym, again!)

Anyway, have a nice weekend folks. Take care

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Single and Fabulous - Part Quatro

Dear Beautiful readers,

First impression counts.
but sometimes it such a shame if the first impression is actually not that correct.

That's what happen to the presenters during the session this morning, that i have attended.
Whatever it is, hopefully that won't happen to me InsyaAllah.

I received a parcel from Rin, the small token from Melbourne. It's the tea towel! Thanks!

Time for cardio activities again. Have to leave office earlier than usual. feel awkward, but I have to change. WHo else to love me instead of ME myself? hehehe
Unless i have got something in the evening (sometimes people like to arrange "meetings/discussions" late in the evening, aiyooo!)

3 more days to go, then I won't be in the city. I will be outstation for 4 days (hence, no "gymming" activities *sigh*)

Have a nice day, folks!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Single & Fabulous! - Part Trois

Dear beautiful readers,

Rasa semangat pulak today. I don't know why. It rarely happened on Monday, before.
Probably my spirit has been lifted? Syukur Alhamdulillah...hope this will be consistent!

Thought of taking healthy breakfast today at work, but all of my sudden, my colleague did mention that...

My Colleague: I ada bawak nasi dagang. Help urself, my mum masak
Me: What? Nasi dagang? (dah kecur air liur aku..). Plannya nak diet je today...(heheh)
My Colleague: Kalau nak ambik je...banyak tuh


Staff: Weh, jom laa..makan nasi dagang..

Aku dah tak tahan...aku makan gak sejemput, ngan lauk ikan tongkol! (it's Nasi Dagang Terengganu by the way!)


Petang, aku balik awal skit..nak hit the gym. nasib baik sempat discuss something ngan my boss. Thank God!!

And yes, hours spent at gym was marvellous indeed, love it!!

P/S: Tak reti nak masak nasi dagang :-(

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Single & Fabulous - Part Deux

Dear Beautiful readers,

I went to the gym later this noon. Love it - i'll follow the routine religiously! Love it, love it, love it!
a) It's "gym-ming" time, jom!
Met Khairul later and had drinks at A&W (i have promised not to eat, but still tempted to get that root beer float!)
Esok..another new day, hopefully I'll be more energetic as compared to last week.
P/S: While reading the newspaper this morning, i was quite amazed with this particular news (see below). But I am aware of this, cuma....hehehe (please fill in the blank!)

Single & Fabulous!

Dear Beautiful readers,

What a title! But well, that's what I am currently feeling!

Saturday was good (in a way!) - "therapy" at noon (hope it works, i think!) with Fakh and met again together with Mr ID as we have to "discuss" on something else (Responsibility? Companionship? lingers during that love department. (yeah..yeah, another SATC session

a) Green Apple Kasturi (at Secret Recipe with Fakh)

b) Let's hit Georgetown Kopitiam! (I am getting "fatter" if i keep eating)

Later I met E (my ex colleague) for a late supper as he wanted to pass me some "ole-ole" from Down Under (yes...these folks went to Australia for a week, during last Xmas, tak aci!). I can see that tanned face of yours! hahaha. (and yes, another late night SATC session with E, but I guess it would be much better if G is around)
c) Makan again (at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa) and followed by lovely fruits at home. Cantekk!

d) A pretty boomerang from G&E (it's nice of u guys, thanks!) P/S: I can use this to throw at any "heartbreakers" out there!

And guess what? I have registered as a gym member! (heheh..let's hit the gym, i am sure i'll love it...) Today (later...i mean) i'll hit the first class - body pump, cardio, aerobic, yoga,dance, u name it!!

Hope that my Sunday will be beautiful as usual.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dear Beautiful readers,

I am sure that all of you are aware of "will" or wasiat.
Yesterday morning while preparing for work, Cikgu text-ed me asking me whether I have done my "wasiat".

Kind of pelik, but he said that if I want to create a will, please see him.

Errm...As of now I was not even thinking of creating my will (due to my ignorance, probably) but I am not saying that it's still a long way for me to go..but honestly speaking, I was totally "unaware"!

Come to think of it, what he mentioned was true...who knows kan?

Shall or shan't I?

Let's think about it..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Dear Friend...

Dear beautiful readers,


"I know you are strong. I know you have your own speciality.
Don't worry about the rest..Things will definitely be fine indeed!
I am sure you'll be fine. Definitely! Sometimes, people just take you for granted...Sad huh?"

Relationship kills..(sometimes!)

P/S: I can consider myself not lucky in "love department". But some friends do come to me and share their relationship problems, and i don't mind that. Instead, I feel good to help!

a) Souvenirs from Tokyo from colleague - nuts!

b) Fruit salads & cupcake at work for (breakfast?) jaga badan? hahah...yeah rite! P/S: Azam tahun baru nak kurus..(and pretty, baru laku! hahah)

c) Dinner ngan Cikgu kat Wong Solo. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Bila nak gi Singapore lagi?

d) Dinner at home alone (order Domino's je laa...) Eh...dapat calendar? Cun!

e) Kad jemputan kawin from my ex-colleague (me & partner?) masalahnya ada ke? :-( kalau sorang...tak pegi laa camtuh

f) Fakh came to my house. Siye pulok sayo ko awok...sabar laa deh? I wish I can help more. But you know better about yourself. You are lucky, in a way! Makan starbucks je laa ok?

Monday, January 4, 2010


Dear Beautiful readers,

It's 0255 hours. Aku tetiba sedar.
Tapi before that, I dreamt of something.

It's R, and the other half. And all of a sudden S came.
And we kissed passionately. Me and R. Me and S.


Gila apa!!

But I didn't know why i had this dream. it's kinda weird, but it did feel good, in a way.
Aku senyum je sampai ke pagi...hahaha

P/S: Berangan!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Beginning

Dear Beautiful readers,

Ermm...tomorrow will be the first day at work for the year 2010.

A mixed feeling.

But let it be. I know this will be a marvellous year, yes! (think positive..)

Sunday was another day, and i decided to have another final therapy before hitting the office esok. Bought the CD, shirt and hoodie.

P/S: Kasut dah ready, esok kena rajin gi keje! Harap2 dapat bangun awal..hehehe

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wish List - Part 2

Dear Beautiful readers,
Asyik ada wish list je kan aku nih. (yeah....i am "too good" at imagining / fantasising)
Well, since I am looking forward to get the set of keys to my new house (soon i guess), i am dreaming to have these things! ('s kind of a hint for those who want to buy me housewarming gifts!)

a) A "walk-in" shoe racks.

b) A set of champagne/martini/wine glasses (don't worry, i don't drink!) It's just a glass!

c) A magazine racks / folders ala SATC (the white / beige in colour, where on the side u can write down the tag)

d) A set of matching wooden hangers

e) A set of boxes (what kind of boxes) - brown card boxes where I can label and put things inside (hahah....what a general description!)

f) Fancy cushions?

g) A pair of nice Ottoman.

h) A pair of cute bookshelves

i) A number of nice coffee table books (for example, the new PRADA book)

j) Silk pyjamas (hahaha...all of a sudden!)

k) Some nice table lamps (and mirrors!) --> senang nak "pakai susuk" malam2. Hahah

l) A set of Prada keychains / key holders (berangan...)

m) Some nice framed photos/pictures/posters

n) A butler (heheh...takde kena mengena!) Bukan Gerald Butler tau..

o) A hammock (boleh gantung ke kat umah? hahaha)

p) A cake mixer (nak belajar masak...hahah)

Last but not least, a DOA from everyone...harap2 aku bahagia sentiasa. Amin!