Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a Productive Day! ("Bare & Naked" - Part Deux)

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Sorry for the long silence, been quite a while (i guess!). Busy with work and the new home..:-)
So yesterday I took the opportunities to settle on my house arrangements (shopping, shopping and shopping!) and accompanied by makan sessions!

Went to IKEA & The Curve with Mr ID, joined by Fakh and AL.Had breakfast with Fakh at PappaRich before picking Mr ID at his home. Seriously I managed to get good bargains especially the electrical appaliances! Far below my budget, love it! When we shot to one of the lamp shops in Sungai Buloh...

a) Nasi Lemak at PappaRich

b) Lunch at IKANO. Licin beb! (camana laa nak turun badan P/S: No...I am not an anorexic!)

c) Let's hit IKEA & Ikano Power Centre! (and Sungai Buloh!)

d) Went back to the city (to send the stuff to the crib and also to pick up Mr ID's car!). Sempat makan again (kempunan makan nasi dagang, but abis!). Having nasi goreng yang tak berapa sedap (aku buat lagi sedap kut..) hehe

e) And all of a sudden, AL invited us to join karaoke. Adus...nyanyi lagi! (nasib baik suara sedap...perasan!)

P/S: Shopping tak abis lagi. Jom!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bare & Naked - Part 1

Dear Beautiful readers,

Yes, finally..
I wouldn't right much, kinda shocked when I look at how beautiful it was.

P/S: Banyak duit nak kena pakai ni, adoi!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kunci & Sarung BB

Dear Beautiful readers,

Like my normal Sunday, I will go out to have my breakfast outside - be it roti canai at mamak, nasi lemak or even latte at any coffee joints.

But something happened..

Jeng jeng jeng!

i couldn't unlock my car right after breakfast! Nak balik rumah pun, kunci rumah dalam kereta (sungguh bijak kan?) So i thought that the locksmith can solve this but they only change the casing, not the inner, transmitter part. So I lingered around, thinking of what to do next!

Takkan nak buat manual kut? Aiyak! Pasal aku tak sure where the button is to stop the alarm.

And all of sudden, i realized that there's the showroom here (thanks to ER!) So i walked there, and thanks to this security guard who willingly assisted me (without any upah, God bless him!) and we did it manually.

Phew, what a day!

And another part was, i lost my BB original leather cover! Arghh!! Probably when i was so busy sms-ing friends, and calling my brother (he's much better in car department, aku cuma tahu basic2 je!) probably i accidentally dropped the cover somewhere between the car or during my "journey" or quest to solve this "unlocking the car" drama!

Aiyoo! bengong tul!

But anyway,'s OK now.


Dear Beautiful readers,

Since "attached" to the facebook, I rarely update my blog, not as "industrious" as before, if i may say. But i shouldn't left my first love of blogging.. Enjoy some photos!

a) Met Mr ID and Mien for the final "touch-up". Love it and I can't wait!

b) Right after that, I accompanied Fakh for a movie at nearby cinema to watch V-Day. Fakh hasn't watched it, he should have watched it with his friend but got last minute cancellation. So being someone responsible, I was willingly accompanied him to watch, although it's my 2nd time. I don't mind..go Kara! :-)

Followed by Maggi Goreng and Roti Boom at nearby mamak. Gila banyak makan! :-)

Have a good Sunday people! Take care

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Dear Beautiful readers,

finally, i'll get the keys on Monday! Basically, i can get it earlier but due to some miscommunication, then it has been postponed until now. Arghh!!

Can't wait...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I feel like writing this! What?

Dear beautiful readers,

I have accidentally read one of the blogs in a friend's blogs collection ( And all of sudden I saw these pics of someone (who I knew before, used to be a "good friend" and later after a few incidents, I think I can call him a friends' snatcher!)

I am not over acting and full of emotions here, but it's more to..."idup lagi budak nih..." long as he's happy.

I have my pretty life too, why do i have to think of him the "friends' snatcher"!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Facebook - Part 2

Dear Beautiful readers,

Nak kata gila...tak gak. Nak kata tak gila...pun tak. Ermm, why eh? But it's ADDICTIVE!
Anyway, while having lunch, I was enjoying myself watching GLEE Marathon.

Love that "I Say a Lil' Prayer" Quinn & friends. (And of course, the reminiscence of My Best Friend's Wedding)

P/S: Tak reti nak upload video :(

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Facebook who? Moi?

Dear beautiful readers,

Finally...i have created mine. haha!

Notting Hill

Dear Beautiful readers,

I have got nothing to do today (at this moment) except flipping thru the channels, having cup of coffee and chillin' at home. No dates, no visits to my chinese friends' houses (rarely people do the visit on first day, they have their own rituals as well!).

All of sudden, one of my favourite films is on TV (almost half way...but nevermind). Let's layan...

It's very appropriate indeed..ha ha ha!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

DVD, Movies & Long Breaks - Part Deux

Dear Beautiful readers,

Right after Laskar Pelangi, I continued with Pisau Cukur and Phobia 2. Thought that Thai horror film was as scary as the trailer, but it's not what as per my earlier thinking. Probably due to the fact that there's no subtitle (as I didn't really understand what they were talking about!) or probably due to the fact that I couldn't really concentrate, probably a bit sleepy!

Fen invited me to join him for a movie, and of course, we watched the current movie 'talk of the town' - the Valentine's Day. Sweet as the title, but pretty predictable. But with the good, talented actors and actress, of course, it's very entertaining indeed.

Me? Hehehe...i think Kara's character (Jessica Biel) suited me most. Hahaha...the "I Hate Valentine's Day Party"...i like that! She looks kinda sexy in the movie. Nice body indeed...
And of course, other settings were beautiful as well - Anne Hathaway & Topher, Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane, Jennifer Garner & Patrick Dempsey, to name a few. Have to get the DVD later, as well! Stars? I'll give 7.5 out of 10 (due to the predictability!)

Then we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK), lapar!

P/S: While waiting for Fen, aku sempat survey2 barang...tempting laa nak beli fridge nih!

DVD, Movie and Long Breaks!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's another long weekend, i should have gone back to KB but got something to be settled (mainly regarding the house).

But it's still long way to go, so i have decided to spend my Saturday at home watching DVDs and chill (although later this evening all of sudden Fen invited me to join him for a movie - V Day)

First movie - Laskar Pelangi.

Although it was a bit outdated (for some of the movie goers), but this was my first time watching this movie. Love it love it love it! And there are quite a number of moral values that can be incorporated in our life, taking the lesson learnt from this movie.

And of course, it's all because of the two casts - Tora Sudiro and Cut Mini (especially those who have seen Arisan!)

Now, let's watch Pisau Cukur!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can't wait!

Dear Beautiful readers,

I am counting days to collect the keys. The recent pics below were taken from

Wish that everything will go smoothly. Alhamdulillah

P/S: Have to make myself happy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mencintai & Dicintai!

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Salahkah aku?

it's tough...yes, i know.

Although I'm trying my best not to even think about this, but it's still haunt me like mad.

"Jangan berdendam pada sesiapa, bersabarlah..menerima segala-galanya dgn redha!"

Give & Take

Dear Beautiful readers,

I won't be in the office for three days attending training at nearby place.

Just a quote that I want to share that was highlighted by my trainer.

"if u want to get, you have to give first. You should give love first, before getting one. If you need attention, you have to give the attention first" (mcm silap je grammar aku nih, takpe lah! Probably at this point of writing, i wasn't really in good state of mind!)

I didn't really get it, because it's UNFAIR! Probably..i am UNLUCKY..What else should I do?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sleepy Monday

Dear Beautiful readers,

The days are getting better, although I think today's kinda not so productive. A bit sleepy during the first half, although have to prepare for the 10 o' clock meeting. I was quite surprise that this particular GM that I was seeing was so damn nice and gentle, not as i expected from the way she behaves and portrays herself to the rest.

I think I can work and cooperate with her. And thank God, my boss was kind of in good mood too, alhamdulillah!

I met ER last nite for late dinner. Haven't met him for so long, due to my "busy schedule" (thanks to my "ritual" at work and followed by the gym activities). His Indonesian friend has bought me that Laskar Pelangi DVD (I was looking for this DVD for ages but recently found one in one of the local shop, too late since ER has already asked his friend to buy one for me).

ER did mention to me about his encounter at UNITEN during the recent Careers' Fair. And guess what? He realized that there's a poster in one of the toilets in UNITEN (probably all).
It's kinda funny. We can't piss in peace beside each other (i always use the cubicle, it's more decent, ha ha ha! see the pic below.

I left early for gym, and met Fakh for a quick bite for crepes (apam balik bak kata oghe Kelate...)
And of course, another stimulating conversation (coupled with jokes, of course!) with him. I like!!...makes my brain working, always...
And you see the pic below? "Overstressed and Undersexed". Love the caption! ha ha ha!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Dear Beautiful readers,

I slept quite early last nite (yes...early for a Saturday nite!) at 11.30 p.m. Sad huh? hehe

Mr ID called me at 12 midnight (he and his other half at Kg. Baru) telling me about the house thingy, our renovation plans etc. And yes, it costs money as well (adoi...thinking about money makes me want to faint!) I am getting my keys after CNY,!

And later Fakh called, so we went out for late supper a la SATC again. Yes, you know the topic that we'll always talk about. And i m kinda love it..

It's very stimulating, things that u have never think properly before. Now this make me feel to write like Carrie. ha ha ha!

Our topic range from:-

a) Anwar's sodomy case, the not-so-"clever" Saiful, politics in Malaysia in general.

b)"having relationship just for the sake of having relationship?"

c) Deep secret / sharing of problems - will u share more of this with your other half or your best friends?

d) Should you give your set of keys to your "bestest" friends?

e) Perfectionism? Surreal, fantasy or lame reality?

and lots more.

Anyway, I saw Shah all of sudden in McD, and I can see, he was quite shocked. But nevermind, he's looking for a place to sit, with his friend probably. I only waved to him..

I left for home around 1.30 a.m. and the night is still wonderful (for the happening bunch) and I went home hitting the bed again.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beauty is Pain!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's been a week. Not really a busy week, but probably I was quite occupied with the normal routine at work and also the after work activities (but didn't go to gym for 2 days, ha ha ha!)

Let me summarise, it's much more easier to digest by our wonderful readers out there eh?

a) Had a meeting with my GM, and she said " where did u go? u look different!" ha ha ha!
And i laughed, and she laughed! At least, she laughed!

b) Had lunch with AS @ Secret Recipe. He has moved back to KL but seems like he has to face another challenges at his new workplace. Don't worry dear..

c) My free Starbucks mug dah pecah! Damn! adoi! Due to some carelessness!
Can i get a new one (for free)?

d) Although I want to stay fitter (not saying that I'm not fit now! heheh), but last night I was kind of craving for maggi goreng at mamak and another extra plate of Roti Boom, oh no!

e) Last but not least, while waiting my "session"this morning, I was kind of fascinated with this particular article by the cute Ali Imran K of August magazine, but didn't manage to read all.
Nak kena sambung baca nih! He he he !

P/S: What's with the title then? beautify ourselves, we have to "suffer" or face the pain! No pain, no gain! Ouch!