Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sabarlah Sayang..

Dear Beautiful readers,

Pagi2 lagi aku kuar, left home at 0630 hours as I have to attend an "early morning session" in Putrajaya.
And guess what? It was raining heavily, cats and dogs indeed!

And of course, due to weather, I couldn't really speed up..biar lambat asal selamat kan?

Two things happened to me this morning:

a) I was supposed to leave for Bali at 1355 hours but due to that "work commitment", i have to cancel the trip!
Ended up ER went there, all by himself as Fen and H couldn't make it as well.
Pity ER! But I am sure, he'll be fine there..(beb, jangan lupa souvenir kat cheq!)

b) I didn't pass my assessment. Another blessing again..*sigh*. Fullstop.

P/S: Sabarlah Sayang!


adie-ishmael said...

sabarlah...ada hikmah tu

DarcyDiaries said...

yes tuan sheikh, semuanya ada hikmah.
Termasuklah *toot*..

anifas said...

tgh bersabar nih *gelak*

DarcyDiaries said...