Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas Eve

Dear Beautiful readers,

Such a lovely day! :-) It's that a pretty good feeling on a day off? well...let's make it in such a way that, while you are on leave, please utilise it with a set of interesting activities!
Yesterday, I met ER for a movie day-out (Avatar, fyi!). I am not really a big fan of this, sci-fi,fantasy related movie but due to the fact that the rating is good, then I thought...why not give a try? Ended up, hmm...i couldn't really appreciate it...of course,the effect, the visual is so damn good...but it's not ME :-)

I shot to PRADA later to get that small leather wallet that I have been aiming for. Yes, i got it! but the salesman (in Malaysia particularly) of these boutiques are still acting in such an "unfriendly manner" as compared to other states outside Malaysia. As if their "gaji" is more...go and fly your own kite lah! :-) Whatever...

At night, I met Mr ID for the finalization of the quotation, together with Fakh and his friend. Can't wait for the actual work to be started! We had dinner cum drinks at this Studio Cafe of Zahid AF in Wangsa Maju. Nice ambience, but the food was so-so..

Had a great day yesterday.Hopefully today will be the same...:-)

P/S; Plan today nak buat "house cleansing", time to get rid of old those old stuff and bad feng shui!


shandye. said...


There is nothing more fulfilling than doing a 'winter' cleaning right before the new year's arrival. It's sorta cleansing your soul process and good to usher in the new year.

Like, seriously... I do it to my room every year and there is nothing worst to start your year than reminiscing on some old stuff that usually causes you heartache.

DarcyDiaries said...

i am totally agree with u shandye!
It does give some "calming" effect...especially getting rid of those stuff which have brought some bad lucks (kinda) to you...

and by doing some "cleansing", you might not even know that you might find "treasures"!