Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boxing Day!

Dear Beautiful readers,

Yes, yesterday was the boxing day!

What? No live telecast? No laa...i didn't refer to that Boxing Day, it's the "Boxing Day" of the one day after Xmas i.e. every year on 26th December.

I am not so sure about the history of Boxing Day but what i knew best about boxing day is the crazy clearance sales held all over the world, especially in the western countries. (haa...i missed my good, old student days!)

Anyway, nothing much happened here on this particular day except that I went to KL Sentral to redeem my points to claim the tickets for Ma & Abah. It turned out to be that the tickets were fully booked from KB to KL so I thought that they might not be able to come and stay with me for a couple of days during these long hols (mind you...I am on leave until the New Year, yay!)
And that was the first time after ages that I had my weekend coffee/tea fix and breakfast at KL Sentral

In the afternoon, i met Fakh for our "sessions" with the therapists at Avenue K (this place kind of dodgy nowadays..probably due to the fact that not many people go there, but thanks to the food court on the UG level and Quatro at the Ground Floor). turned out to be good and we had to see them again next week. Hope it's worth doing it again!

Later that nite, E, Rin & SAO came to my house for a dine in. I didn't cook anything but instead they brought yong tau foo and some cakes. We had "wii" sessions later and followed by a round of Monopoly. It was fun indeed, although I was kinda tired (they left at 3 a.m. at night and have to catch flight to Melbourne later today. P/s: sorry guys, couldn't send you to the airport, you know your way kan? Heheheh)

Meanwhile, while writing this particular posting, I just came back from the Sunday coffee fix and left for bank. I wonder why nowadays there are a number of should i call this "orang mintak derma exactly depan bank". I got nothing against them, but their "strategy" does work indeed.

That's all for the first part of Sunday. I don't know what will I encounter later today.

Till then, cheerio!


Reez said...

Dah lama tak main Monopoly tu... masa darjah 6 dulu ada la main... sekali sekala best gak kan...

DarcyDiaries said...

Nanti ajak ur special someone main monopoly. This monopoly dah takde pakai2 kertas tulis "utang", semua pakai machine, bayar pakai card jah :-)

anifas said...

monopoly pun dah upgrade ehehe!