Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best cuti! :-)

Dear Beautiful readers,

It was heaven!
That was my first expression/feelings while being away from office since 24th December, although I didn't go out of the city / country.
It's like "whatever happens in Manhattan, stays in Manhattan!"

Anyway, time2 cuti nih laa ada masa nak masak sendiri (won't rely to any kedai makan kat luar rumah), on and off from one place to another, having coffee / tea at odd hours, kemas rumah etc etc.

While finishing the "therapy session" with Fakh yesterday evening, I got an sms from F.
F: Kat ner?
F: U dah balik ke? I nak pegi sana..
Me: hah? Kat KL again? Sokmo last minute. I am actually at Ave K, nak gerak ke KLCC jap lagi with my friend
F: Ok on my way...

Heheh...I hate last minute instruction. Tapi takpelaa, bukan selalu dia datang. And I am fine with that...

Later we shot to Pavi. I didn't buy anything, instead he bought something. And off to my place.
Saja singgah jap..
Later at nite, it's the "ritual" session...heheh! See pics below :-) (i am being possessed by "these people, ha! ha!)


anifas said...

sodapnya buah! cuti2 malaysia ehehe..

DarcyDiaries said...

ceri tuh sedap gila :-)

Reez said...

thq on your company... very appreciate it. actually dunno where to go... sorry for last minute info... but u know me, and u have to used with it... sorry...

DarcyDiaries said...

Reez: heheh...takpo