Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Sisters" or "sisterhood"?

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Time moves so fast. It's the end of 2009.
It's the end of my long holidays (next week dah start keje dah! *Sigh*...but with a new spirit, definitely!)

I have decided to spend my last day of 2009 at home. No celebrations. No parties. No makan2. No shopping (org ramai definitely!). As if, before this I was so "cool" to be part of that celebrations/parties/makan2.

Nada Nada Nada nada! (no no no no!)

I am not long as I have my "sisters" with me, regardless of where they are!

Talking about last night, I went out with ER and we left for dinner later. All of sudden, I saw Fakh from far, yes it's him.

He walked to my table and said that someone wanted to know me (actually he told me before, but yet to be elaborated further maybe?) well, i don't mind if that new person wants to know me..let it be and go with the flow. I am not expecting anything. I actually knew that person, but I won't be judgemental....yet! (i am missing my dot dot dot dot!)

That's what friends/brothers/sisters are for kan?
P/S:Balik rumah...layan ritual lagi! hehe

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