Thursday, December 24, 2009


Dear Beautiful Readers,

Yes!! It's the year end and luckily, this year it's slightly "different" from the past years, with too many long weekends (although not going anywhere, but it's a "free" day off!)

Aku dah start cuti today. Until New Year. But my boss said to me that i have to be on "standby mode". Well...i'll be in KL, not out of the city. Fullstop.

For the past few days, i "rarely" stay back at work, probably i have become "more productive" as compared to before? So sempatlah balik umah awal & melayan drama2 kat TV3. The drama "Cinta Balqis" @ 6 pm, Monday - Thursday, nice OST indeed :-)

P/S: Let's plan something..hehheheh. Hassan? Balqis? Which one is better? heheheh


Anonymous said...

layan jugak drama ni ye ? best!

DarcyDiaries said...

hahaha....ter"layan" drama ni.
I fall in love with the song actually, haha!

P/S: bukan jiwang karat