Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Dear Beautiful readers,

First and foremost, I would like to wish all friends, fellow bloggers, fellow readers (be it silent readers or anyone in this planet who religiously follow my blog!) a very Happy New Year and Many Happy Returns. May Year 2010 will be better than Year 2009.

Me? Well...I'll be at home tonite, having cupcakes or drinks. And will make a wish from home, instead of being with the rest at the famous spot(s) where they can be spotted. I am sure,everybody have their own preferences (and wishes).

Whatever it is, here are my wishes (ha! ha!):
To ADVANCE further in my Career
To BEAUTIFY myself, inside and outside
To CARE and be CARED
To DEVELOP my inner strength; spiritually and physically
To GRAB whatever opportunities coming through my way
To HARNESS my self esteem
To have a JOLLY good time
To KILL my mental in-alertness
To LOVE and be LOVED
To become less NARCISSISTIC
To become an OPPORTUNIST
To PREVENT hatred amongst each other
To be of high QUALITY – Love & Career
To RESTORE good deeds in me
To SHARE the spirit of loving and caring to each other
To TERMINATE any not-so-good characters of mine (should there be any!)
To UTILIZE your own & inner “hidden gems”
To VENTURE into new areas (be brave!)
To WANE OFF the evil-spirits
To EXPEDITE success
To be YOUNG at heart (he! he!)
To have a ZESTY life!

I accidentally read my zodiac, for the coming 2010 (source: Errmm....don't worry, I won't put 100% trust in this!

Year 2010 Career
The big news for Virgo this year for work and money is not so much an onslaught of good news as it is the release of tremendous pressure. Neither Saturn nor Pluto have done you any favors in the last two years. Fortunately for you, they've both moved on to make economic trouble for someone else. The next year of your financial life should run far more smoothly than you've gotten used to, and your perseverance will be rewarded in 2010.
Part of the gains you'll be making will be as a result of good old-fashioned penny-pinching and money management. Whether you had a natural inclination that way before, you will find that you have newfound talents in the wise spending department.
Your personal earning ability will also be improving in the next year. April and May will bring opportunities for you to either shine within the context of the job you already have, or to reach out and find something new. There are no particular warning signs for the next year, but you may want to start giving some real thought to what the next logical step should be on your career path. If there is one downside to the work year ahead, it's a nagging doubt that you are in the right place and using your talents to your advantage. The last three months of the year in particular -- the holiday rush season in many lines of work -- may find you questioning whether your current position is the best for you. Do your groundwork, and opportunities will present themselves at this time.

Year 2010 Romantic
This is the year that everything changes, one way or another! Saturn has left your sign, so you aren't feeling as weighed down by life as you once were. Pluto is transiting your Romance House, bringing revolutionary changes to your love life and your romantic pursuits. And, to top it all off, two eclipses hit your romance sector.
The first of the two happens in January, and makes for a major shift that will carry on throughout the first few months of the year. If you are currently in a stable committed relationship, be prepared for some jolts. Don't panic just yet; the jolt will be of a temporary nature, but could bring long-standing issues to the surface that need to be addressed for the sake of the relationship.
Then in July, a second eclipse will liven things up again. Unlike the previous eclipse that landed in your House of Committed Relationships, this one affects your House of Love Received. Certainly if you are in a long-term relationship at the time, it will be affected. But even if you aren't, don't be surprised if new romantic potentials appear out of nowhere -- or from a direction you didn't expect.
If you are in a committed relationship, the first month of the year is generally good. Then from February onwards, Jupiter rolls into your Eighth House. This brings a new emphasis on the physical side of your relationship. A bit of a caution though: this doesn't necessarily just mean your partner. Whether it's appropriate or not, prepare to be hit on a lot.
P/S:What say YOU?


Reez said...

Happy New Year To You... and i hope u'll have a healthy life, happy and wealthy... thx for the Starbuck Cafe Mocha Latte Iced... just cross my mind, i love that come with Hazelnut Syrup...

DarcyDiaries said...


Happy New Year! I'll always be a bit fan of Chai/Green Tea/Black Tea latte...

I dot dot!

khairul said...

salam...ayooo banyak tol wishes nyeeee....agak2 akan tercapai ke b4 2011???pe pun all the best among the best...susuk jgn lupa yer :)

DarcyDiaries said...

Khairul: Harap2 tercapai ler gamaknya :-) Susuk? yg tuh mana bleh lupa! hahaha

khairul said...

dah siap masuk ke susuk tu???baru nak ajak g makan satay kat taman melati....x pe nn tgk sy makan,susuk pantang satay kan ?????wakakakkaa

DarcyDiaries said...

oh my god, i love Satay! Kat Ampang Jaya ada satu satay best...jom :-)

khairul said...

taman melati lah dekat sikit hehheee....sure ke leh makn nie....x jatuh ke susuk keramat tu
????..gurau beb...tunggu sy balik k....simpan duit tu wat belanja sy satay...

DarcyDiaries said...

Khairul: tak jatuh punya susuk saya nih...rasain!