Friday, December 25, 2009

Do i have to?

Dear Beautiful readers,
I met Kam for a quick lunch right after Friday prayers. We went to have lunch at Chilli's (craving for it's Honey Chicken Chipotle actually). It's been quite sometimes that I haven't met him, athough we work in the same building.

I can say that..he does look happy now. Well...i guess probably he achieved what he wants. Not saying that I am not happy (aku bersyukur with whatever that I have now, cuma...i am missing one part of dot dot dot..)

Anyway, let's talk about facebook. I don't even own one. I think i might have one but it's been an inactive profile (i probably have created that ages ago but nothing inside).

Yes, it's the IN THING now, but I don't think that I am going to create one (let alone activating the one that i have created before..) It's ok then.

Yes, PP has one, Kam has...even mr ID and Fakh have theirs. ER has his (surprise surprise MR!). And yes...i think everybody has theirs! Kam has lots of new connections via his fb.

I am not going to find mine via fb, definitely...although Fen did suggest me to do that (i think he's mad at me of not having my fb!)

Nevermind.. but do i have to??

P/S:Oh, i did enjoy my lunch with Kam. We sat at the bar counter (a la SATC) due to the fact that it's full house today. Enjoy the pics...and of course, we are talking about relationship. ha ha!


nonMember said...

ya! i dont hv one too .. ramai gak perlekeh ni sebab takdak fb. wth! when i do things, its because i wanna do it ... bukan sebab semua orang buat or ada ..

DarcyDiaries said...

nonMember: i totally agree. FB opens to more "uncertainties" :-)

Reez said...

Chillis tu HALAL ker?

DarcyDiaries said...

Chilli's halal laa dear..jom nanti?

anifas said...

owh, pun tk penah ada FB..setuju "opens to more uncertainties"..

DarcyDiaries said...

yes fin...better sorry now than never!