Monday, December 7, 2009

Today is a GIFT, that's why it's called a PRESENT

Dear Beautiful Readers,
Monday as usual and Fir followed me to attend the same training that i have to co-conduct.
It was a smooth ride..
The training went smoothly.

Apsal cam bosan je eh citer aku today? Hmm..takde mood?

ER sms-ed me in the late afternoon, saying that he's gonna extend his stay in Bali. Jealous betul.
But guess what? Dia tipu ja...cilakak! :-)

He's actually on his way back home from work and planning to meet me for dinner tonite, at our usual place.

Cut it short, he brought something for me from Bali. For my new house katanya..Thanks so much!
P/S: Ada rezeki, aku akan ke Bali. Btw, ujan2 nih layan SATC best!


anifas said...

everyday is a gift! cantik souvenir tuh..

addyaholix said...

i tunggu jugak hadiah dari kawan yang balik dari bali. dia janji tapi tak bagi-bagi. haha!

DarcyDiaries said...

Safina: It depends on how u define EVERYDAY. there are ups and downs. Only we decide

Addy: memang cantik. Kawan u tuh memang baik and maybe cantik (kut?)
that's why laa...