Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mixed Feelings on Sunday

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Hope everything's ok so far with you guys, especially on Sunday.
Me? Well...I can say, it's a mixed feelings.
Sad. Angry. Happy. Excited. Macam2 ada!

Ntahlaa, but i am still sane...that's all I can say :-)

I met my ID friend and Fakh at Wangsa Walk for lunch, nearly left for KLCC (but it was damn packed, thanks to the PC Fair, held in KL Convention Centre since Friday). So we met at Subway, didn't really talk about the ID though and I had good company (at least, something to "kill" my boredom on Sunday noon!). Mr ID gave me that red ribbon, as he just came back from the event.
Hey...wait a minute! Ermm..u wannaknow what we talked about?'s about relationship again, and yes, the existence of "mak esah".. No! No! No! We are not saying that we used "mak esah", but that's the reality. Reality bites eh? People will do anything to get accepted. To get notice.

Everything. Even the pretty and the better ones also do this.
So what do we really wants actually? Acceptance? Appreciation? or L.O.V.E?
It's tough. World's getting tougher today.

Note: I won't be involved with this "mak esah" activities. Never.!

I left Wangsa Walk about 4p.m. and headed home. Chill. Resting.
And all of a sudden, got sms from Herry (ignore the dialects, if u don't understand, let it be ya?)

Herry: Duk mano? Kijo ko? (Why he asked me whether I was at work or not? Yes, sometimes I do have to work during weekends but not anymore, sad eh?)
Me: Drumah
Herry: Ingat ko mung kijo. Aku pening laa bro...aku balik kijo saknih abah & ma baloh. Serabut arrr...

Speechless. Aku kaget. Apasal pulak ni...
Me: Bakpo pulok?

There goes. Herry told me this and that. Aku kaget again. And I feel bad. And I feel queasy.
Hope everything's ok.

Only me & Herry knows. And GOD, of course..



Eddie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eddie said...

"mak esah"..ape tu? bomoh?

sy bkn oghe klate, tp sy fhm Mr Darcy's conversation wif Herry..
hopefully everything will b fine..

DarcyDiaries said...

But i dunno what to say..
We'll see how

DarcyDiaries said...


Btw, I haven't had a chance the earlier comment that has been removed by the author. WHatever he/she's saying, I am ok with that..

Reez said...

hope everythings will be fine... and sabar...

Penapenis said...

semoge segala2nya akan okay ^_^

Penapenis said...

u! haruslah betul cerita i.. tu lah u. i suruh u ikut i pegi mana2 u tanak. kalau tak merasa u buat kerja2 gila dengan i! wekk! :P

DarcyDiaries said...

Reez: Sabar doh..

PP: Ikut u gi mana? U asyik berkepit ja, so how?