Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wish List - Part 2

Dear Beautiful readers,
Asyik ada wish list je kan aku nih. (yeah....i am "too good" at imagining / fantasising)
Well, since I am looking forward to get the set of keys to my new house (soon i guess), i am dreaming to have these things! ('s kind of a hint for those who want to buy me housewarming gifts!)

a) A "walk-in" shoe racks.

b) A set of champagne/martini/wine glasses (don't worry, i don't drink!) It's just a glass!

c) A magazine racks / folders ala SATC (the white / beige in colour, where on the side u can write down the tag)

d) A set of matching wooden hangers

e) A set of boxes (what kind of boxes) - brown card boxes where I can label and put things inside (hahah....what a general description!)

f) Fancy cushions?

g) A pair of nice Ottoman.

h) A pair of cute bookshelves

i) A number of nice coffee table books (for example, the new PRADA book)

j) Silk pyjamas (hahaha...all of a sudden!)

k) Some nice table lamps (and mirrors!) --> senang nak "pakai susuk" malam2. Hahah

l) A set of Prada keychains / key holders (berangan...)

m) Some nice framed photos/pictures/posters

n) A butler (heheh...takde kena mengena!) Bukan Gerald Butler tau..

o) A hammock (boleh gantung ke kat umah? hahaha)

p) A cake mixer (nak belajar masak...hahah)

Last but not least, a DOA from everyone...harap2 aku bahagia sentiasa. Amin!


khairul said...

uuummmmm...dr sume list tu sy rasa nak bg satu je leh x?...brown boxes...banyak sgt kat area2 umah baru je...nnt saya kutip boley???wakakakaa

Penapenis said...

u will definitely get my doa.. and my helping hand is always ready. Tp ada pengerasnya.. muwahahahahahahahahahahahaha... (devilish laugh is the best medicine)

DarcyDiaries said...

Khairul: oh my god! jahatlaa awok nih. Sayo toksey kotok2 bekas sabun tuh...


but we can makeover those boxes..

PP: Oh, i definitely need ur set of strong hands to carry out the boxes, couple of blocks je..
nanti jangan lupa bawak bubble wraps :-)

adie-ishmael said...

selamat tahun baru masihi ya....

DarcyDiaries said...

Adie: Selamat Tahun Baru pak sheikh!

anifas said...

good luck !

Reez said...

kalau rak kasut camtu, mana mampu beb... DOA boleh ler...

shandye. said...

matching wooden hangers? so classy.