Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sacrifice, Frustration, Do or Not Do?

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Betul kata shrink, i need someone. Mula2 i don't really enjoy the session, as he gave to many intros.
Tapi lama2 aku rasa comfortable..

Tapi sayang, aku hanya sempat jumpa shrink nih for less than an hour due to the fact that I have to attend another meeting.

But i'll be having another appointment with the shrink next Tuesday.

And another frustration, in the evening.

I am supposed to go back to my hometown tomorrow, but have to cancel due to some "ad hoc, 'gelojoh' work requirement". I have planned my leave "ages" ago, but well..sad to say, i have to mengalah..:-(
It's such a bad timing.

Tapi memang aku frust. Tadi dah siap gi Toys R Us beli toys for my nephews. Dah beli birthday gift for my niece. Terasa nak peluk Ma and Abah aku.

Tapi..ntah la. It's different kind of feeling.

God knows, this is such a test for me.

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