Saturday, July 4, 2009

Beautiful Saturday

Dear Beautiful readers,

I am glad that it's the weekend.
Although I might not have many things to do (i mean, the activities), but yet I think I can some peace of mind here at home.

As expected, right after a quick breakfast and newspaper time, i spent time with my Wii. Berpeluh gak duk main tennis and bowling (berpeluh ke bowling? heheheh) And not to forget, the workouts sessions i.e. the cardio workouts with my "virtual" trainer (sad eh? I should have gone to the real gym but not at this moment). But it does work wonders though...

Aku tak tahu lagi nak kemana today. ER will be going to Jakarta for work, or else i'll be going out with him kut.
Ntah laa..or as usual, I will be the lone ranger looking for the best deals at malls in KL!

Tgk laa lepas Zuhur ke nanti...kuar laa kut.

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