Sunday, July 19, 2009

My fellow countrymen :-)

Dear beautiful readers,

Aku bukan laa taksub dgn those guys who hail from the same state as me.
But I feel good.

I feel that I have the responsibility to take care of them and share with them the good things.

It's the culture, it's the brotherhood thing.

It's not the "assabiyah" or semangat "kenegerian".

And it happened to me while at work tadi (on Sunday?)..


Scenario 1: Me with two auditors (not bad looking..hehehe) at work (boring...*yawn*)
I heard that the two auditors were talking in the dialect that I am familiar with...
And suddenly aku pun...

Me: Ada orang Kelantan ke?
Auditor A: Duo2...(both of us)

Me: Laa...(smiling)
Auditor A: Duk mano? (where do u stay?)
Me: KB, dkt "toot". Demo? Demo pulok (while looking at Auditor B)
Auditor A: Kawe Telipot, dio Guo Muse..(My Note: Jangan pandang serong kat oghe Guo Muse, diaorg pun ada yang keje kat Big 4 audit firm OK! :-)

And all of a sudden, I feel good. Feel like I have to share good things with them. I don't know. The feeling came naturally.

Yeah, I did talk and share with them my working life and also they shared their grievances with me. Kesian jugak but what else can I do? I wish them the best of luck and hope they are OK with their work (and life too)..

P/S: Ajak depa berniaga lah! Tapi nak bukak kedai apa?


Pena Anak Penis said...

kedai dobi.. ahaks! what about the 2nd scenario?

DarcyDiaries said...

Tuh laa bukak kedai dobi je laa..

2nd scenario? tak update lagi...tak sempat :-)