Saturday, July 18, 2009

I need a "proper" rest..

Dear Beautiful readers,
Since working for this Company, I have to face the fact that there are always "ad hoc" requirements..
Just name it! Macam2..

Let alone the fact that you always have to settle the backlogs and also the current deliverables, which are yet to be finished.

And that's the dilemma that I am facing now!

As a matter of fact, today I spent the whole 8 hours at work again (on Saturday? sad! Org lain gi dating...). Me with another colleague, and accompanied by few auditors (not the year end audit mind you, it's the "special project")

Sabar je laa..

I have to be there again to complete the tasks. Can't really rely on my fellow subordinates. Tak strict salah, nak jadi strict pun salah...:-(

On my way back, I bought few DVDs and magazines.

I wish I can turn back time, with the Taboo!, Cluedo and Monopoly nights! Arghh..I missed that.

P/S: Biasa laa kita nih manusia, kdg2 we take things for granted. Masa kat depan kita, kita tak peduli sangat. Masa jauh mula laa duk teringat2...Let's learn from that.
Kalau aku ingat kat kawan2 bagai nak rak pun, they really think about me?

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