Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a Productive Day! ("Bare & Naked" - Part Deux)

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Sorry for the long silence, been quite a while (i guess!). Busy with work and the new home..:-)
So yesterday I took the opportunities to settle on my house arrangements (shopping, shopping and shopping!) and accompanied by makan sessions!

Went to IKEA & The Curve with Mr ID, joined by Fakh and AL.Had breakfast with Fakh at PappaRich before picking Mr ID at his home. Seriously I managed to get good bargains especially the electrical appaliances! Far below my budget, love it! When we shot to one of the lamp shops in Sungai Buloh...

a) Nasi Lemak at PappaRich

b) Lunch at IKANO. Licin beb! (camana laa nak turun badan P/S: No...I am not an anorexic!)

c) Let's hit IKEA & Ikano Power Centre! (and Sungai Buloh!)

d) Went back to the city (to send the stuff to the crib and also to pick up Mr ID's car!). Sempat makan again (kempunan makan nasi dagang, but abis!). Having nasi goreng yang tak berapa sedap (aku buat lagi sedap kut..) hehe

e) And all of a sudden, AL invited us to join karaoke. Adus...nyanyi lagi! (nasib baik suara sedap...perasan!)

P/S: Shopping tak abis lagi. Jom!


Sherita Aziz said...

me also shop shop at the moment, nak re-decorate my living room, teruss feeling feeling Eric nehhh.. he he he

DarcyDiaries said...

SA: hola dear! je! Sero nok balik Kelate jah, lamo x cuti!

AkU said...

conclusion...nearly 65% of the 'journey'..all about makan..hehehe..

DarcyDiaries said...

Aku: Hehehe...haah, tak ingat benda lain selain makan! probably i was too productive on that particular day, mcm lapar je..

AkU said...

xpe2..makan selagi terdaya an..hehehhe..