Sunday, November 7, 2010

Not at the right state of mind...

Dear beautiful readers,

Yes, i didn't really walk the talk :-(
I thought of managing myself into writing / jotting down few notes on this blog on daily basis...but it's just a mere coincidence that I didn't really have the guts to continue (and sustain..) "interesting" thing happened to me during Diwali weekend.

As usual, for the past few months, I was so tied up with work (i know it sounds boring...but well,'s been very crazy nowadays, working non the extend that i feel i m speechless (and expressionless).

"He came back. Yes, we didn't really have a proper relationship but i still do have feelings on him. But why it's like that famous cookie "skejap takde skejap ada?" whenever that he has problem then he'll come back to me? and with what the other guy did to him badly and he still in deep love with the other guy and DARE to come back to me to share his problem?"

The bottom line that probably i have been used...and my stupidity (and still living in fantasy) makes me feel that I am responsible to assist (to the extend of doing my own ice pack for him to sooth the wound).

He's just not that into you...(enough said!)


Anonymous said...

Is ur friend GAY?

DarcyDiaries said...

Yes, he is...why?