Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Last Minute!

Dear Beautiful readers,

I am not sure whether i can be called as "anal" or not. (if u define the word anal properly and please check the Oxford Dictionary!) :0)

I think, some of us HATE last minute, be it last minute arrangements, meetings, discussions or even dating. It happened to me again yesterday.

I went out for early lunch (not that early though, but about an hour earlier). Didn't really go for lunch i.e. not for makan or huhahuha, but i have to drive to my management office to settle some deposits to move in. And guess what, when I almost reached the place, then my boss' secretary called

Sec: Boss want to see you guys now, urgent! (the way she highlighted sound a bit..urgghhh).

Me being a "loyal" staff, drove back to the office and feeling pretty pissed off. But what to do..
And the meeting overrun until 1.45 (which left me for another 15mins for a quick lunch!)

Had another meeting at 2 0'clock. Definitely a crazy Monday indeed, and feeling a bit dizzy and ended up not going to the gym and went back home instead.

Moral of the story: You can't really plan. There will always be hindrances and challenges! Urghh!


Sherita Aziz said...

i like to do last minute things..... and i'm good at it.. hehehehehe

DarcyDiaries said...

SA: i m soooooooooo not into last minute! hehe

AkU said...

hehehe..me..defination of Procrastinate..waaa..i am at my best when raching those crucial state..hehehhe...

DarcyDiaries said...

aku: totally true!