Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fair or Unfair?

Dear Beautiful readers,

I want to write, but I couldn't.

Have been deleting the same sentences over and over again.

sometimes i think it's unfair to be treated this way. I mean...all of a sudden i feel it's unfair. Or maybe i'm not being grateful enough?

I can't really think wisely now, what to write etc. Pernah tak korang terpikir, why he/she got that.

-tak cukup handsome/cantik kah aku?
-tak cukup pandai kah aku?
-org2 yang lebih "jahat" dari kita, why did they get "fair" treatment?

Why? Why? Why?


Penapenis said...

ini nasihat i untuk anak buah i yang tak habis2 down cakap dia screwed up her spm.

'chill out baby. U'll do great if u've been studying. My only prayer for u will be tat u'll always be blessed by Him in every single minute of ur life. Stop putting yourself down by telling yourself how much u sux or how horrible ur grade is (eventho it is true ^_^") U'll find yourself are havin a better life when u start focusing on the good things rather than the bad things.Gud luck!'

you get what i mean? (sambil pegang rotan, ready nak libas buntut darcy)

DarcyDiaries said...

PP: Ouch! Terasa rotan... I was a bit down yesterday though.

Sherita Aziz said...

we have to admit it that life is like that....

anyway, love PP's words of wisdom!!

AkU said... be honest..reality suckss..n everyone of us is a sucker...oppss..salah phrase lak..we have deal with it..hehhe..~~

DarcyDiaries said...

Sher: Heheh..baik sir!

AKu: betul tuh!

Anonymous said...

sbb ko suka kacau org punya kot sbb tu ko kena mcm tu.