Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Dear beautiful readers,

While watching TV last night, around 11ish, I received a text message from the secretary of my big boss:

Kak D: "Bole tak tolong akak solve math ni tak? A shopkeeper sold a refrigerator for RM 1,120. He lost 20% of the cost price. What is the cost price of the refrigerator?


It's for his son, who's going to sit for UPSR Maths paper the next day, which is this morning.

And i returned back her call,

Me: Kak D, the answer is as follows, 80x/100 multiply by RM 1,120.
So, x = (RM 1,120 x 100) / 80
x = RM 1,400

Suka gila anak dia dapat jawapan from me.!

I felt good though :-)

P/S; It's tough nowadays for kids to have sit for the papers in English. But I think there's more pros than cons. InsyaAllah..Good luck for adik2 / anak2 (bunyi cam tua je aku!) who's currently sitting for UPSR